hai i was named after the comet 020711
hailey j frey ahhh i have my ownnn page!!

for my friends- i have u figure this out!!
hailey j frey dont tell me that you understand
dont tell me that you know
dont tell me that i'll survive
how i will surely grow
dont come at me with answer
that can only come from me
dont tell me how my grief will pass
that i will soon be free
dont stand in judgement
of the bounds that I must untie
dont tell me how to suffer
dont tell me how to cry
my life is filled with selfishness
my pain is all i see
but i need you and your love
accept me in my ups and downs
i need someone to share
just hold my hand and let me cry
and say my friend i care
hailey j frey i wont live for you, but i will die for you 021209
hailey j frey Physics burns like herpes 021209
hailey j frey Angel's Son

Life is changing
I can't go on without you
Rearranging. I will be strong
I'll stand by you

You were fighting everyday
So hard to hide the pain
I know you never said goodbye
I had so much left to say

One last song
Given to an Angel's Son
As soon as you were gone

I have a new life now
She lives through you
What can I do
Feel so alone now
I pray for you
We still love you

I can't believe you're gone
hailey j frey you'll never understand the pain, until its you 021209
hailey j frey "Imagination is more important than any kind of knowledge." -Albert Einstein 021209
hailey j frey Beauty is in poetry
Beauty is in the arts
Beauty is the way,
that u touched my heart
hailey j frey "Time heals all wounds" -unknown

"Wounds will never completely be healed, given time they will begin to mend... and eventually scar..." ~HF
hailey j frey R.I.P Teri C. Brown
May 14, 1958 - November 16, 2002

In ruins lay her life of pain
only ash and fire remain
But She gave God each scar and burn
and he gave her everlasting beauty in return
hailey j frey Forever always seems to be around when it begins...

But, forever never seems to be around when it ends...
p2 samuel longhorne clemens (mark twain)
was born on the year hailey's comet was visible
and predicted he would die when it was visible again
75 years after his birth
he proved himself correct
hailey j love hurts so bad 060116
A.J.H.(318) Your poetry brought tears to my eyes. 070308
AJH Two lives, Two people
Both nurses on call
Each phone rings twice
A mans heart beat falls.

Two lives, Two people
Both meet under a bright light
For before them lies a man
Scared he may not make it through the night.

Two lives, Two people
Both go their separate way
They get married to great men
Looking forward to the new day.

Two lives, Two people
Both feel they gained a ton
One has a daughter
One has a son.

Two lives, Two people
Both not known to the other
The same school they attend
Where he becomes like a brother.

Two lives, Two people
Both enjoy the other to be around
If one falls ill
The other is easily found.

Two lives, Two people
High school now in the past
He has finished college
She moved away fast.

Two lives, Two people
Separated for many years
He searches for his lost sister
But all that is found are his tears.

Two lives, Two people
Freeing his mind of memories he does try
But the heart she once touched
Will never let the memories die.

Two lives, Two people
you have always been there for me and have helped me in so many ways.

you are truely an inspiration and i hope we share many memories in the future.
AJH If you shall ever want to come visit Monroe, I have a hotel that you may stay at. I will put you in the best suite I have. It would be great to see you again. If you do not want to drive this far, I will either get you a commercial airline ticket or I may even fly over myself to pick you up. 070822
hjf i think of u 070903
AJH as I of you 070903
golden spoon ga ga, will you help me count to ten?

ok, i'll start

one ....
what's it to you?
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