birdmad you'll just have to pardon me if i read something more into your request that i go with you that time when you went to buy more.

were you just not thinking when you said it?

was it meant to be an invitation or a slap in the face?

was i so blinded by my adoration of you not to know the difference?

the last question nags me endlessly... it is why i blame myself as much if not more
marjorie i hear those words quite a bit.
i even dream them sometimes.
that just shows you...
it's my subconscious.
it keeps yapping and yelling
and screaming and kicking
and i just tell it, "hush"
MollyGoLightly i never did go to get birth control. there's a world of sex beyond just that one act, so no need for me to let them stuff me full of chemicals. 000528
WoNDERGIRL who knew birth control was ineffective while on antibiotics... 000528
Syrope i thought it was worth the small hole in my ass cheek, but 3 weeks!? 020611
misstree nuvaring.
my gynecologist loves me.
it's a bit creepy having a hula hoop in the cooter, but it means not having to remember a pill, not having hormonal spikes, not having constant period or spotting.

now if i could only convince someone to get the damn things out of me entirely...
girl_jane Condoms are only 70% or so effective as birth control. This is why I take a tiny little pill everyday. That tiny little pill is 99% effective. Not only does it do that for me, it also lets me know exactly when I can expect my period, keeps my skin clear, and made my boobs slightly larger. :) 040401
Syrope its about that time. i don't know what good it will do me over the summer, but i can start planning for fall 040402
uh-oh does anyone know what happens if you take pills in the wrong order? does it matter? 040429
minnesota_chris you get pregnant with the antichrist 040429
souless wanderer yay for going on the pill. Wait. no. 040711
dries&hardens quite a jab when it's used by your girlfriend to accuse you of having promiscuous sex with guys

when it's
equated with "whore"
irritable bird syndrome ahh, the debacle that was my involvement with Sam...

I didn't know about the guy she actually was fucking at the time, and knowing what i knew about her previous relationship and the things she said in the aftermath of it, i was actually trying to build a real relationship instead of just doing like that other asshole had done and cultivating a half-assed relationship with her for the purpose of having a convenient fuck.

If i had known that me and my good intentions were gonna get thrown under the proverbial bus for some other callow little jackoff who could't be bothered to be responsible for the 23 chrommosomes he contributed to her little problem and that she would spend the remaining months of our relationship taking it out on me in all sorts of passive-aggressive little ways, i wouldn't have bothered going out on the limb

i quit being a perpetually promiscuous shit to prove myself to her and got both my heart (among other things) handed to me in a cardboard box for my trouble ...and between her and the two failed attempts at romance that came after her, what was originally meant to be a brief, intentional period of celibacy turned into be a seven and a half year demolition of all of my self confidence and a seven and a half year dry spell in which the only sex i could manage was with my hand

(though as far as comedic moments go, there is nothing quite as blackly humorous as someone repeatedly working you up by telling you how much they want to fuck you and then running away from you with the name of the lover they cheated on and then subsequently dumped coming out of their mouths right in the middle of a bout of awkward, tipsy foreplay-- and then later, as if to rub salt in the wreckage of an ego-demolishing cock-block like that - to have the same person with the misplaced loyalty to earlier parties repeatedly commenting in public to one degree or other, and in private about who else they'd been fucking sincce immediately after said cock-block )

Yeah, i've gone back to my "get it when and where i can" ways and gotten most of my confidence back, but reminders of that time still manage to scorch my ass just a bit
jane i've now a piece of plastic
lodged awkwardly into my cervix
in the shape of a T

which evidently does its job
though not without
somewhat debilitating effects.
what's it to you?
who go