j_blue most blatherers seem to be all about this.

i dont know how many times i have heard that stupid played out question, "what is normal?" with the ultimate conclusion "no one is normal."

the reality is that pretty much most people fall within the standard_deviation of normal. that is, they fall within the bounds of normalcy.

the irony is that, while normal is hard to define, pretty much everyone is aware of it, and know when they are deviating.

i myself am very normal seeming, and many people view it as a wholesomeness.

i dont mind, its a compliment. it helps soothe my inflamed paranoia. of course, i feel abnormal, and know that nothing i could ever do, no matter how well i emulate it, how hard i try, could ever change the feeling. so being told i am normal, like being told i am dumb, is cute and refreshing.

i would have to say i am pro_normal, am all about it, and i think the nobodys_normal cliche is boring.
silentbob j blue

You feel abnormal.
so do they.
maybe im restating your point, but everyone is normal. no one is abnormal.
some people want to be abnormal and so they try very hard, but they are just fooling themselves.
im normal. im not abnormal. if i act differently its because i get bored and try to amuse myself. people think i'm trying to shock the world. i'm just acting how i feel in my heart, i'm not trying to be anything, i just am myself.
i dont care if i'm normal.
and i really don't care if i'm abnormal.
if everyone acted like me, i wouldn't be different, i wouldn't change, i'd still act like myself.
Thyartshallshant Ok, j_blue, Ive got a little theory. I would say that most people are not "normal" in the sence that the have a wife and kids, and live in suburbia, with a full time job, but then who is, right?. But i really mean on a lower level, something like having a dog or a cat as a pet, having a steady job, all that good stuff. And i would ALSO say that most people are (and would call themselves) "weird". "Weird" in the sence that they , perhaps, stay up at all hours of the day on the net writing at a place called "Blather", or maybe just little weird idiocencrecies (wow, i really fucked that word up). Ok, now follow me here, it gets tricky. Sence most people are (and this is an opinion) "weird", by the true definition of "normal" itself (normal being the the avearge or the mojority), that makes weird people normal and normal people weird! Yea, its confussing, but thats the way i like it. 001230
j_blue abnormal

its the little things that most people trying to be abnormal skip

the little neuroses and inclinations

the stupid human tricks you can do

the stupid nonhuman tricks you can do

the whole shebang

its unavoidable, unenviable, necessary
Barrett I like peanutbutter. 001231
silentbob have i or have i not said those exact words somewhere else on here? 010101
j_blue peanut_butter_is_your_friend 010102
Aimee none of us truly knows what normal is, so therefore, how can we be anti it? 010729
mulder very carefully... take lots with alcohol 010729
freakizh if everybody is unique and all that stuff,
i guess being normal stands for the most general standards.. that is two eyes, a nose, and a switchable penis/vagina.
Rowbes Perhaps it is because we don't understand normalcy that we are against it. We don't know what it means to be normal, so we reject the whole concept. A bit ignorant, but humankind has always rejected ideas that we don't unterstand.

was here
is this related? all my friends are non_conformists, so i became one too. 030817
endless desire everyone at school
tries to be different
we are all the same.
i look around
and i never see
new faces.
even if they
had just
zapped down
and i had
never seen
their eyes
they still all
look the
same. and
i laugh
because they
would die to
so i guess
i could
the same
and be
but then i
would just
be out
of style.
i don't
wear styles
i just observe
the cycle
interests me.
i wear
what i
like and
what i've
worn for
a very long
time now.
i'm still
not different.
there's too
many people.
i'd have to
naked to
be different.

endless desire ponders this idea.

it's been done.

what if i was deformed?

then i'd be different.

i'll break my neck and they'll praise me for being original.

and then i laugh.
misstree not coloring outside the lines,
but on the other side of the paper.
Death of a Rose not having any lines at all or paper for that matter. 031127
Lemon_Soda Anytime you find yourself on the side of the majority, its time to rethink your standing. As for normal, yay, we're all normal. To our selves. Everyone else is crazier than a ****house rat. 031127
epitome of incomprehensibility ...means favoring frequent usage over concision by using the word "normality" instead? 140516
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