Shar This year I received:
- flannel bedsheets
- One copy of "Mechagodzilla" on VHS
- A Pee-Wee Herman bobbing head doll
- Cat Stevens' Greatest Hits CD
- $50 gift certificate for a swank salon
- A PowerPuff Girl keychain
- Money. Sweet, sweet money.
.sunshine. happy birthday 010505
Annie111 In my bag, I have two unopened presents from people I have hurt. Maybe if I don't open them, I won't be reminded how much I've hurt them. 011222
(warped) cube Another time warp. It's now December 22 and Shar is telling us what he/she received for Christmas.

Is this Blatherdom in action?
ClairE Or a message from the past... 011222
sweetheart of the song tra bong Claire's got it. 011222
ClairE I've also got:
a Dustbuster type thing
shoes that took two and a half hours to buy (thanks, Mom)
to give my brother a talking_to
to make fun of my dad
to be bitchy from lack of sleep
to hand my mother presents and laugh with everyone because my dad took a picture of her butt
to have my parents turn up Led_Zeppelin chest_shaking loud
to be home
to be healthy
to have someone wonderful
to be alive.
cube Of all the presents, a simple pocketknife is the one i'm going to cherish most. I lost my last one and never was able to find a replacement.

Somebody once said that a gentleman should always carry one. I'm not sure if i qualify as a gent, but they sure are handy...
oren A Pink Floyd CD - ECHOES

Paul's new CD - (Paul, you've disappointed me with this latest offering.)

A blue sweater

A Photography book

An antique beer bottle

Two very old airline liquor bottles

A bottle of wine

Flavored Chapstick

Toxic_Kisses An Enya CD (that I picked out)
A shirt (that I picked out)
2 pair of hose (that I picked out)
2 Magazines (that I picked out)
a bracelet that my Great grand mother gave me and that I absolutely adore!
And 30 bucks from my Godfather ^.^
becclebee For christmas i got -
my mum to be with me
my sister's laugh
that full bellie feeling
a lazy afternoon
a good excuse to eat chocolate
some sun in the backyard to unwrap pressies in
to watch my nan alseep on the chair
to enjoy the company of some i love the best

what good pressies *cheerful grin*
Aimee a porcelian doll to add to my collection
a pair of bright red slippers
a cd of german lieder
a gift certificate for Kohl's
a phone card for 1000 mins
a cold
and a little bit of love
no reason i'm usually pretty excited to get them ready and wrap them. this year, i don't care much about it at all and can't really bring myself to do it.
i hope it's because i won't receive some of the stuff i ordered til who-knows when, which makes everything so far a bit hard to organize.
i hope it's because it's still pretty soon before christmas.
i think it's because i don't care so much about people anymore.
i hope this goes away soon. it's sad and cruel
and sadly and cruelly ironic.
Or is it? It's always pleasant when presents present present presents. 060120
Risen I have several presents, in a draw. A whole range from thoughtful to expensive to practical. A handmade card. A shop-bought card. The number of a florist.

All set up, all ready, all waiting.

But is it right to send these?

Is it just cluttering up you life? Probably. A load of things you have to hide or explain away in some way.

The endless detritus of a love gone wrong. The scattered ashes of the funeral pyre. The echo of a sentiment.

I am always in the way. Always putting things in your path you don't need.

Do you want them? Of course. But I feel you do not need them.
flowerock No one neeeeds them, and often they are just clutter in the end, but they are also loving_reminders to hold and see, to Remer that you_are_loved you_are_thought_of. 151111
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