deb i sat tonight planning my brother's
fiance's bridal shower
with my mom and my roommate~
i kept making these little witty comments
that were funny at the time,
only to add something to the conversation
and then,
of course,
i was asked to introduce everything
because of my quick mouth

and, funny, i know i'll have
nothing to say
when february 12 comes around-
i'll have forgotten my wit
and show up with a tilted smile
suddenly remembering
what it was i was meant to do
deb becky and allen's kids
are going to be
disgustingly cute...
i just know it

we'll find out in may,
i suppose
keeper has everything.....everything i want 010325
mmm just being w/ her for a few minutes can make my whole day better, falling asleep with her while watching tv is one of the greatest feelings, our midnight conversations bring my day to a wonderful close, becky i will awlays love you 010326
Becky That's my name. I'm soooo cool. lol 010414
Aimee a name that is a stab in my heart everytime I hear it. Not because I love him still, but just to imagine him with anyone else hurts more than being with him did. I am a contradiction 010414
sweet 16 Cross girl
wine coolers in the minivan
kissed your boyfriend
and made me cry
mmm i've been gone for less than 12 hours and i already can't wait to hold her... 010414
Rayne is the coolest person in the world,the best friend I've ever had and the one person who has understood me from the beginning, a penguin that I love!

your my girl! stay you!
mmm my becky is so sexy, i love her so much 010821
stars Is the name I want to denounce.. because I don't want to be her anymore. I don't want to be "bitter, hurt and angry". I just want it back to the way it was. 011004
mmm becky_you_are_my_everything 011004
Toxic_Kisses You were every thing I wasn’t but tried to be BC you were what he wanted. He said az much when he said I reminded him of you 020516
starry eyes all these beckys. people love becky. i am a becky. i wonder...
do people love me this much?
perhaps i just dont know it
maybe in poetry we will all be able to love
perhaps not
i want someone to give me their poet soul
jayseehc wow... what should I say on this topic? I can't imagine what my life would be without her... everything I do seems to be based off her now. It's funny, I plan my whole day so that I can maximize the amount of time I spend online with a girl I've never met, who's thousands of miles away... and I feel like it's not enough time... I should be online all the time... just in case she gets on... I should just move to Tennessee, so that I can be with her...

Becky is more and more my world...

and as this happens, I like the world much better than I ever have before

that's LOVE
starry eyes or look above. maybe someone already has....jay speaks in a language that i can hear 020909
falling_alone my name is dirty becky #9, #9 being a peacemaker or in other words a doormat. i believe that term describes me perfectly. I am a doormat...go ahead walk all over me everyone else does... 031009
Mandijabster Dirty Becky is a super loving unique teen. You figure it out...

I used to think the name Rebecca wasn't THAT common..but now..everywhere ya go, someone is named Becky!!!
becky i tried to tip my hat
but from it fell my heart
i thought that we had come so far
but now we're at the start.

it's not my fault i love. it's your fault that you don't love back.
naive artist This is a very belated second to starry_eyes first blathe on this page. 040708
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