dosquatch TK says the_world_is_better_off_without___

But is it? Is it, really? Everyone is someone else's pervert, to borrow an idea.

Perversion is a matter of perspective. So, too, are prudes. A prude is someone who won't try something you will. A pervert someone who goes there when you won't.

(insert slippery_slope argument here)
If we do away with your perverts, then we also must do away with his, and hers, and theirs, and eventually the determining factor on what is allowed isn't what most people would be comfortable with, but what won't disturb the most easily disturbed and offended among us, because from their POV we're ALL perverts.

I'm a pervert, he's a pervert, she's a pervert, wouldn't you like to be a pervert too?
Toxic_Kisses Your right

I mean how very prudish of me not to:

- Be sexually aroused by being raped (Biastophilia)
- Derive sexual pleasure from torturing animals (Zoosadism)
- Have sex with the dead (Necrophilia)
- Become aroused by cannibalism (Vorarephilia)
- Murder some one bc it sexually arouses me (erotophonophilia)

after all maybe theirs something wrong- with me for not being sexually aroused when I was raped robed and tied up agenst my will by a stranger. May it truly was my own fault for not being into incest, pedophilia and masochisum while I was growing up, oh if only I could be normal like other perverts and enjoy these little gifts life has thrown my way. I mean your absolutely right dosquatch how dare I want to rid the word of perverts what on earth was I ever thinking? Thank you ever so much for opening my eyes
dosquatch Not to put too fine a point on it, but saying what inspired a bleary eyed thought over morning coffee didn't mean I was accosting you personally. But since you take it that way, here goes...

There are people who think pierced genitals are perverted. There are people who think that leather, ropes, and bondage are perverted. There are people who think that homosexuality is perverted. There are people who think that any number of participants over two is perverted. There are people who think masturbation is perverted. There are people who think that anything other than missionary position is perverted. There are people who think doing it with the lights on is perverted.

It is to THAT bullshit I speak. I'd rather not have my options curtailed by puritanism. As long as everyone involved is CONSENTING, they're free to do as they wish, all I want is the same.

RAPE IS NOT PERVERSION. Rape is violence. It should never happen to anybody. I'm sorry it happened to you. I feel badly for you and your pain.

I shouldn't have to actually say that. And for making me, for thinking so little of me and my thought, for suggesting that I'M ADVOCATING RAPE, well...

kuffsleeve what is your definition of rape or sexual harassment?

seems hard to define?

is it being physically forced to have sex with someone?
is it someone using your body for their own selfish enjoyment?
is it fucking someone without any emotional sensitivity what so ever?
is it using some ones body to feel power?

i would say yes to all of the above.

the words rape and perversion are confirmed by ones conscience; if you feel guilty, ashamed or bad about something it might confirm to you that something is wrong maybe?
kuffsleeve some people don't feel bad or guilty for doing bad things either because they don't know any different or because they are just not worth talking about. 080828
Toxic_Kisses Quickly let me state that if you are not intending on speaking to me directly then leave my name out of what is being said, other wise if I do see my name I will most likely take what is being said as directed at me which greatly increases the odds of my replying.

Now then with that out of the way.

I never said you advocate rape dosquatch I was trying to express that there are many kinds of perversions far beyond fanaticizing about an orgy with the lights turned on and that all of the things I listed above are considered perversions until acted on then they are considered a crime, I was stating that you might want to take that in consideration before defending the perverted as a whole.
cleopatra ummmm.... why is orgy being discussed under this heading if you don't think it is perverted? 080828
dos I didn't say anything about you, good bad or otherwise. I said you said, which in fact you did.

I didn't call you a prude, a pervert, or otherwise. I didn't say anything about your beliefs or experiences at all. In fact, I didn't even say anything about mine.

What I did was borrow the idea that everybody is somebody's weirdo. What I did was say that what is "perverted" is a different for different people, and calling for all "perverts" to go away leaves open the question about who gets to define "pervert".

Offenses by one person against another should not be condoned, even if it isn't necessarily a "crime". Actions engaged in by consenting parties should not be persecuted, even if you think they are twisted.

Basically, I'm suggesting "judge not lest ye be".

And again, not directed at you. Not about you.

But you sure were quick to pass judgement on me.

Se la vie. I shan't dare mention your name again. Sorry for your miserable life.
. well if you are not "in it" you'll never come to a conclusion, because :) because one can't explain in words exactly. 080829
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