lovers lament gone lone gone
blink and i'll be gone gone gone
lovers lament she's just like me
mind alike
just some girl trying to prove something
some man-hating dyke
scarred; open to the possibilities.
lovers lament why now?
i guess i must've changed somehow
you all fall at my feet
i can't see why
i'm just some "freak" girl
that likes to cry
and cut herself,
yeah, i'm the life of the party.
get drunk and hide out in the dark.
why do you all want me now?
lovers lament (sigh) 001129
lovers lament temporarily untitled. . .

(verse one)
can't pull myself away from this
paranoid delusion of your mind
just some distorted picture of bliss
cracking up and blistering away

above the noise of my humor i rise
projecting myself far away from here
can't pull myself from the look in your eyes
it's like a one-way mirror
why can't you see me?

thinking silver again
can't remember when
i stopped
feeling the ache
wanting to make
you love me
and as much as i feel
you'll never really
know me.

(verse two)
it's a flood and i can't stop it
you'll see my face buried in the newspaper
flippantly just ask me to drop it
you haven't been around long enough

can't pull myself away from this
i'll leave more scars before i'm through
still flippant when you see my wrist?
stripes all named after you. . .
just listen
(repeat chorus)

copyright 2000
lovers lament unfinished pieces of purity
littered in your hands
why you're so sure of me
no one understands

copyr. 2000
unhinged come back

i miss you

and i'm sorry about the last time we saw each other. it's just that i've finally gotten over the whole lesbian thing and i just can't handle the teasing without a little kiss...
MollyCule I miss you still. I'm well aware of the fact that you don't at all care. But this doesn't make any fucking sense - you tell me you miss me, you make a whole fucking blathe about it, fer chrissakes, and then when I go out of my way to get in touch with you, you never even bother to call/write me back? What exactly did/do you want from me? It's pretty fucking obvious that you don't want to be my friend. I dunno, maybe you did for a minute there and then you changed your mind . . . pardon me if I sound bitter or bitchy, but I put a fuck of a lot of my emotional stability (barely regained) on the line for a "reunion" that never happened. 010916
kingsuperspecial I think you mean


don't you?

MollyCule thank you, kss. 010921
lovers lament there are a lot of things going on in my life right now Molly. i'm sorry. i wasn't trying to fuck with you, honestly. i really feel like i'm losing it sometimes. i haven't really called anyone or gone out lately. i go to my friend greg's house and sit all night. maybe this makes no sense or if it does maybe you're just too pissed off to care, but i wanted you to know that i'm genuinely sorry. and to go a little further, i am scared to be your friend again. you were my best friend, and for the last couple months i thought you despised me. i don't think i could do that again. i don't think you ever really realized just how attached i was to you. not a day passes that i don't think of you or miss you.

i am sorry.
Faceless Don't know how long ago this went up but I also was Ambers "friend". I myself got ditched for some low life guy who obviously did not give two shots about her. Ohio must really breed a fine bunch of men. I did miss her for a time but my revalation was that I, a non woman hating friend had been removed for that fellow. No car, no job, a meere leech. 020313
.. let's see if this works

is it


or am i just a moron?
Aching ♥ by george, i think i've got it. 020410
john &hearts bruce 030129
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