quotree ...fuck your "dude, you're getting a dell"
and your "i soaked in it palmolive"
and your "pepsi, choice of a new generation".
because i am the choice of a new generation, okay, *me*,
because I am your fucking enemy
because i'm not telling people to drink my beer and wear my fucking clothes and smear my hemmheroid cream up their asses.
i'm telling people to think for themselves
i'm telling people they don't have to spread their legs and have your products rammed up their asses.
i'm telling people to take that money and buy drugs, strap-ons, and napalm so we can burn it all down and then have drugged-up godless anal sex in the ashen glow of your fallen fucking empire.
and we'll do it, too!
i'm going to be the one to take you down.
me and other pissed off people like me are going to be the ones to finally spit in your eye and kick you in a fucking hole and forget about you.
so you'd better asassinate me, okay? you'd better put a gun to my head and pull the fucking trigger
because i'd rather die than live on a planet where my very fucking life is invented by money-grubbing industry gods and handed down to me three minutes at a fucking time.

-transcribed from the end of Two the Ranting Griffin's rant on commercials. more rants found at http://www.werewolves.org/~two/audio.htm

Two is brilliant, but has as much as a potty mouth as me, and the offensiveness of that is laughable compared to the shit he stirs up in his rants. Now go enjoy.

(and then winamp randomed to mtv_get_off_the_air. love it.)

::this blathe has been sponsored by the committee for shitting things out of tree's brain so that she might get to the meat of matters before it starts to rot.::
misstree bumping for great justice
and 2's rants are now at http://www.ranting-gryphon.com/
dipperwell meh, it's nothing that hasn't been said more eloquently before, in my opinion.

and after a while, asses and anal sex and other scatalogical schemes end up overused and tired, rather than funny or shocking.

anyway, the big corps are made up of humans, just like you or anyone else. that's what makes them so problematic.

I suppose I'm just tired of teenage-style anarchist rants which are superficially poetic and wildly dramatic but provide no actual solutions or even suggestions.

idle threat.

I picture a pot-smoking teen in ratty garb saying "you're going down, motherfuckers!" and then retreating to a playstation for another five years.

is a cynic of the cynics
Lemon_Soda I didn't know how to put it, so I'm glad I waited and you did, Dipperwell. 060901
satan you're both ready for the abattoir. this way please. 060902
? There is some good news to come out of all of this..

..I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico.
somebody at a certain level i agree, dipperwell. but at the same time, the possibility that some people are moved by such diatribes is indicative of something stirring deeper within us, whether the rant is cliche or not, no? i'm just trying to say that Rants have a value of sorts, although it is admittedly a very different value than the dialectic. each has its place, no? yes? no? 060902
misstree there is a time for eloquence and a time for passion. introducing new ideas versus inspiring you to get up your ass and do something. yes, corporations are made up of humans, and sustained by humans, but it is individual action that determines their fate. public outcry against the umbrella corp, yet many of those who object still visit, because of low prices and convenience. if you have passion behind your conviction, that is the energy to drive the extra mile to shop locally or from a company whose practices you approve of, that is the willpower to spend the extra 50 cents on a sprocket. chomsky is brilliant, 2 is passionate, jello_biafra is both. don't be such a crumudgeon that you discard important parts of the apple. 060902
dipperwell Of course any initial stirrings can't be downtrodden entirely, but it's useless initial stirrings - ones that can easily be commodified or patted down with a "Well, what can ya do?" that get my proverbial goat.

I believe in teaching our delightfully Angsty Youth from a young age that the realization that something is bad, and the search for/discovery of other who share this opinion are both important...but if you're going to start complaining, you'd also damn well better start thinking of solutions.

Complaining without any intention of acting or solving is just as bad as not complaining. It's the crime of the passerby, but a noisy passerby. A passerby who says, "Our streets are too dirty," shakes his or her head, and walks on.
what's it to you?
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