donaldson the muppets kick so much ass. still.

the muppet movie has never been topped in cinematic greatness.
L someone named grover has been leaving me notes signed "furry blue muppet." 990612
valis i am so tired

(how tired are you?)

that i have the coordination of a muppet stuck on the end of stephen hawking's foot.
paste! they make good babies. 010430
redspark ha have u ever seen muppet babies in space!? thats the funniest movie ever made there is this part where pacey and joey from dawsons creek are sitting around a camp fire waiting with a bunch of muppets for a space ship to come and pacey is like, man i wish dawson was here, this is almost like a sci. fi. he likes sci. fi. movies, and this little muppet comes up and is like, no no no this is muppet babies, much more realistic and romantic! haaaaaaaaaaa man i laughed so hard 010501
florescent light My ultimate goal in life is to become a muppet. 010501
nocturnal does the show "the muppets" come on anymore? I know they used to play reruns a couple years ago, but I haven't seen it in a while. that show rocked. 010501
waldorf werewolf did you hear the muppets made a movie?


yeah...don't worry i got great tickets...

great tickets?

yeah...for the first train out of town...ohhahahooohooo
HairThief The best ones by far were:

The swedish chef - "pud da chickin in da oven"

Becker - "miimimi mim mim mimimim mim"

and of course Animal - "grrrrrr"

The others were just padding.

Plus muppet is an excellent insult for a silly person.
werewolf i'm afraid i'm going to have to disagree...anyone who dismisses gonzo as padding, or fozzie with his wakka wakka wakka truly has misunderstood the spirit of the muppets. and waldorf and statler...with their one blanket and how much they laugh at each others jokes? come on. even the latest installment with pepe the prawn insisting that he is not a shrimp...he is a king PRAWN in his not quite distinguishable foreign accent is the stuff of miracles. and the rainbow connection. for now i'll just disagree with the padding statement, but if this goes any farther...i'm going to have to give my dissertation on why the muppets have artistic merit beyond the likes of so much drivel that seeks to be high art just by being presented in the right forum. 020901
silentbob dad whats a muppet?

WELL its not quite a mop and its not quite a puppet heh heh but oh man! ha hah ah ahahah!!! so to answer your question i don't know.
sweetheart of the song tra bong muppets party with Weezer.

"Hey they aren't half bad"
"Nope, they're ALL bad!"
*riotous old man laughter*
~gez~ the animal is one of the muppets, and he rules. so therefore one may be able to deduce... I LOVE THE MUPPETS 020903
da sol man can you picture that? heehee
animal - 'eat drums! eat drums!'
dr teeth - 'no animal, beat drums!'

i remember the day that Jim Henson died, which is odd in a way because i don't remember the actual date although i am sure i could find out in a flash with a google search. i remember it because at the time i was working at a seasonal job at a resort in Wyoming and it was the type of place where all the employees ate in an employee cafeteria. so anyways, i am in the cafeteria with probably around a hundred other people, all different ages and social groups, and someone walked in and said that they just announced on the radio that Jim Henson had died. the whole room fell silent and stayed that way for several minutes. sigh.
we miss you Jim.
though it must be said that Brian Henson and team are doing a great job. Muppets from Space was awesome! never thought i would hear kermit say "way to get down with your bad selves." :)
silentbob if you do that again i will spank you like a bad bad donkey ok? 020903
da sol man build the jacuzzi and we will come... 020903
endless desire i really want to find the show on tv some time.
the muppets seem to be the center of my family ((at my pops house)). it's what draws us all in room. it's what makes us all laugh.
my papa has called annie, my little sister, animal since as long as i can remember. they have many similarities.
i keep hearing rizzos voice in my head from a muppet christmas carol. possibly my favourite. i don't see how people can argue about who the best muppet is. that almost implies that there is such thing as a "bad" muppet. . .and well, there just isn't.
Flowers from Safeway The show is on Dvd. Not the whole series (yet) but 12 episodes so far. 030628
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