amy one of the most difficult and longest ways in my experience. 000102
amy i despise. 000105
amy also the farthest far... i know it is only a couple of hours to him... but my life and his life are forced to be far... 000105
deb how far away
a few feet can seem at times
helen Ah, Amy... I have been there three times too many, myself. I tend to fall flat upon the floor for the only men who happen to be a few thousand miles away. It can be hard, but it also can be done, if you really wish it to work.

Head up, young person.
Joana. ... sometimes I sit on that chair wondering what you're doing at that precise moment... I get happy to think that you're feeling fulfilled and alive in your routine...
But when I realise that you might be feeling this same pain that I have inside of me, I depress... because I cannot run to you and hold you... kiss you...
The distance kills me... I can't express everything with words... some words just seem meaningless when I can't write what I'm truly feeling... sometimes you can even misinterpret my words...
.... if you weren't so far away... if it weren't for this sea that separates us, I know I'd be happier...
..... it's just too painful to even think of................................
daxelle runner
jennifer My grandparents were engaged for two years. They never met face-to-face until two days before their wedding. In a box, in my attic, I have over 3,000 letters that they wrote back and forth to each other; some trivial, some tear-jerking. They loved each other from the first letter to the day they died. 000823
amy wow, that's admirable. something i would never be able to manage. 000823
friend Letters of emotion, what a treasure you have jennifer. Do you know why they wrote them? You are evidence that love exists. 000823
Wayne CAN YOU HEAR ME? 000823
daxle I can't keep your pace
if I want to finish this race
silentbob im not interested in a long distance relationship. the next time i am with someone theyd have to be true and unarguable love at first sight for me to want to go through it again right now.
im lonely.
deb this is the hardest thing
i've ever been thrilled to do-
not thrilled i'm so far
from you
but thrilled that it
won't really be that long
in the grand scheme of things-
oh, but what i wouldn't give
to be in your arms
instead of
wrapping myself in
velux blankets we bought for the trip,
because my feet are cold,
aching for the feel of your arms
surrounding me; saving me-
6 months
28 days
23 hours
45 minutes...
and time oozes along,
knowing what a rush we're in
star* i don't know what to do.
you're so far away.
and all we can to is talk on the phone.
what would happen if we lived in the same city?
what would happen if we could touch everyday?
i wish i could find out....
but you're so far away
bijou the long_distance_danky_donk 010820
delial when the distance is gone - for that window of time - it is bliss to me.

but i fear the aftermath of it so much more, this time.
beccers i am proof that longdistance works!!!
well, my hubby and i!
been married almost 2 years... engaged for 1, and long distance until the week before the wedding..

don't give up, guys!
unhinged doesn't work if the other person doesn't pick up their phone. am i supposed to keep trying, waiting for you to pick up the phone? 'god, girls just don't get it. if i didn't pick up the phone the first six times you called what makes you think i'm going to pick up the seventh time?'

yeah, well, i guess it's time i moved on. i never get any answers. i must be really easy to ignore. after three weeks, i don't know what i would say to you anyways.
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