werewolf what a reducer of anxiety this is,
constant cooing in your ears.
first love song, last love song
perfect middle-
a lover at the pinnacle vowel
of acceptance,
confessing first love:
A father reading your favorite bedtime story again and again.
All answers and no questions,
beautiful incubation.
1,000s of songs
great works become almost
are a number that can drown.
A peaceful apathy,
what more needs to be added?
All the main points have been hit,
it's just semantics now.
We only have one life, one heaven,
a playlist.
My f
favorites now are just as good
as they will be then,
since they can never be better than
being my favorites.
so plug me in permanently,
shut the world off.
i've enough.
silentbob Yes.
Someone somewhere was bludgeoned to death with an ipod.
unhinged yes man
my ipod is better than paxil
i walk around the streets of milwaukee
listening to my loud rock music
screaming inside
and it totally helps
i'm almost always plugged in these days

it is inscribed with:
beat more
hate less

it's funny how depression can dissolve into anger
sweetheart of the song tra bong Mine is full of love, and adorable.

Very nice for walking around. I have the greatest playlist of songs with a beat that match the rhythm of my steps. "Seven Nation Army" is an example.

I sleep with it in my bed, and such comfort to wake up to.
cholering book ipup 040327
unhinged mine is broken

didn't buy a warantee to go with it

don't know how or why, but it sounds like there is something wrong with the connection of the headphones or something; it sounds like a radio station that can't quite come in. and it's not supposed to sound like this, this much i know.

mine is broke
and i'm broke as a joke
so i guess i'm tuneless again
skinny maybe its the headphones 040621
unhinged i've tried different headphones to make sure and it still does the same thing 040622
25 OCT 2004 New Crop of Portable Players Nips at iPod

1 hour, 21 minutes ago
There's Dell Inc.'s new Pocket DJ, Virgin Electronics' Player, Creative Labs Inc.'s Zen Micro, iRiver America Inc.'s H300, and Archos Inc.'s Gmini XS200.

"Everyone is trying to get a bite out of Apple's piece of the pie,"
27 Oct 2004 Apple unveils photo-display iPod

BBC News - 1 hour ago
. Apple has unveiled an iPod with a photo display function aimed at maintaining the company's lead in the market for digital music players. 041027
u24 yeah, and I want one. 041028
jade_inher _eyes I officially have the best friends in the entire world. They got me an iPod for my sweet sixteen. Plus a whole bunch of other amazing stuff. a digital camera and a homemade jewelry box with all these pictures of me and friends collaged on it. and scarves and cards and purfume and love.
My life is beautiful, but not because of the stuff. my loved ones are beautiful people
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wheres yuore head att att wheres your head at? wheres your head at ata t at at atatatttt.
jane good for bus rides 050609
10122005 2 hours ago:

unveils video iPod
jane motherfucking piece of white plastic shit under a year & just stopped fucking working that son of a bitch broke & now i have to listen to the goddamn radio which is always just laughing dj's whose eyes need to have tacks in them those morons. fuck i'm going to buy some other mp3 player thats cheaper & actually fucking works 051013
falling_alone i just dropped mine in the toilet,
but hopefully like my cell phone
it will dry out
and i wont have to tell my parents i dropped something else, something very expensive in the toilet.
what's it to you?
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