euqsrentrap Disparingly?

The elusive vega, in blathing on vanities, most likely intended that word to be "disparagingly".

OK, so what the heck, maybe she just forget the little "ag"? I wonder if it was a fork?

On the contrary, perhaps the meager, ag-less "disparingly" is what she intended. Being undoubtedly highly creative and a wordsmithess, she perhaps applied blather license to invent the participle "disparingly" and intended it presumably to be an antonym of the participle "sparingly" of the verb "to spare"?

But she also must not recognize that one meaning of "vanity" is "dressing table".

So it is a mystery to poor moi how a cold, objective description that a lot of females use a particular mechanical object, that many do in fact use, coupled with a statement of Quack's preference for life, can be characterized as "disparing" or, for that matter, to add some ag to the discussion, "disparaging."

Quack and I've known each other intimately for many years. I know him to be an ardent feminist in word and deed, as well as a cool observer of reality when he's not dreaming.

He does dream a lot even when he's not sleeping.

He also is quite adept at manipulating language and situations to play mind-blowing mindgames. So, after a few hours with him, you wish he would just go to bed. At least that is my wish.

He is always generous and gentle though, so in the end everyone feels good.

Quack has confessed to me many times, almost every morning and night since we've known each other, that he is unavoidably a member of the minority, male ruling class. He repents everyday, and indeed often in front of the mirror.
He knows that, being a member of that class, he is hopelessly chauvinistic.
That inevitable, unavoidable chauvinism he knows is the reason that, even when terribly inconvenient or a struggle for himself, he holds doors for females, especially when they are carrying groceries or babies, and contributes copiously in time, door-knocking, ideas, speech-writing, and money to female candidates for public office, as long as they are explictly pro-choice and not comfortable being under the thumb of the ruling class.

He is very happy that the vast majority of female candidates satisfy his first test but remains constantly puzled that so many of them that do fail the second.

Yet notwithstanding his chauvinism he is such a nice guy that he also holds doors for members of his own class oppresssed with the unwieldiness of groceries or babies.

He asked me to let you all know that, notwithstanding her elusiveness and his view that she misinterpreted his observation, he loves vega very much, respects her so much that he wants this blathe titled with her original word "disparingly," and will be with her whenever she runs for President or, if she be not in the US, Prime Minister.
vega Yikes!
I hadn't the slightest idea that my comments could elicit such a response.
Because I do feel that there was some merit to what I wrote, I'd like to justify it from a more detached perspective.
Usually I strive for cold objection in my writing, but the emotional involvement that blather lends itself to, coupled with a bitter melancholy last night stripped me of my rationality. Hence the rather caustic tone.

I would rather not justify my bizarre spelling, view it as you like.

Yes- I was aware of his intended meaning of the word "vanities"; I simply chose elusive language so that it could be interpreted on several levels. I still, although not quite so vehemently, object to the specific reference to female vanities. Granted this does not qualify anyone as a woman hater or anything so absurd, but vanity is a vice pervasive in both sexes and should not be depicted as otherwise.

I would like to apologize if my words could be translated into a personal attack, but I still stand loyally behind their meaning.
P.S. - Minus the female bit, I thought the last line about choosing life was amazing, thank you Quack for that.
Quack Dear still elusive vega,

With all due respect to euqsrentrap, I did not see any "personal attack" in your analysis of my blathe on "vanities."

In fact, after your reply to euqsrentrap's defense (for which I am thankful also), I am more convinced than ever that you should run for President (or Prime Minister) and hope when you do you will remember this episode and call on me so that I can be with you then.

You know it is never too early to start planning for that sort of thing.
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