enon black bird, (black dooooove, black dooove, i'm not a helicopter, but i'm not a cop-out either..honey black dove)
and he was formed into this, so everytime i think i seea crow, although it is really a raven, i think of him.
The Schleiffen Man my favorite MST3K character.... of course there were only 4 to begin with.... 000701
birdmad in winter,
in my long black coat
on those occasions when i feel the need to
perch on the corner of a high wall and be

i 've been told
i look like one

now, if only i could fly
kronoman a minor symbol of authority...

If you don't get it, it's because you're not a squid or a coastie...
birdmad the corvid family

crows, ravens, jackdaws, jays, magpies and cardinals
laura the movie shaped my life as a young high schooler.
i am certainly glad that period of my life is over.
though it's still a good movie and i love it.
birdmad in Greek myth all crows were once pure white

see: Apollo
green_tenedril(laura) so was it a raven or a dove
that noah sent out over the waters?
what happened to the raven?
why didn't the black bird come back?
maybe it was a white raven that brought back the olive branch.
or perhaps the poor raven continued to fly over the water until he became too weak to continue.
birdmad first the raven, then the dove

the raven never came back

it stands to reason that it likely drowned

but as such was never afforded the honor of being called a "sacrifice"
Rael One Cloud They gather, you know, at night, & in the early morning. Have this sort of crow-moot. I got stuck sleeping under a tree where they were gathering one morning. Woke me right up. It was so loud with caw-ing, you couldn't hear yourself think. I kept hitting the tree I was under, just in case one of them decided to land on the branch above me, & take a crap.
i like crows tho.
me Brandon Lee is buried in Seattle. 031128
r more and more of them gather in the parking lot and in the bare trees around the partking lot during the course of the cold gray afternoon, picking at trash and scattered road salt on the pavement, rearing back and shrieking at each other and eventually straggling away in groups of ten or twelve at a time past the rooftops of surrounding buildings but you can still hear them cawing among themselves in the distance. 040308
sameolme I was walking down the street with a friend, who I was telling how much I
like crows. They were out in number,
which is why the subject came up.
As I was extolling their virtues, a
crow took a dump on my head.

It was a big, messy crow dump in my long
hair. I was shocked.

I hadn't remembered that for awhile,
post traumatic amnesia.

Maybe it was a warning not to talk about the things I love.

Well I'm safe and inside now so here goes.

I love crows!!

seems ok so far, but I probably shouldn't push my luck, maybe I'll write more after I see how the next
day or so goes.
birdmad in the presence of a crows and ravens (and their cousins the magpies) it is best to wear a hat with anything that looks like a pair of eyes attached to it. They are less likely to do anything suspect if they thing they are being rural parts of India near some of the forests where there are tigers, villagers wear masks on the backs of their heads for similar reasons. 040308
sameolme thanks, I think I'll just take my chances. But the painted eyes on your back protection against tigers is an interesting link in this "twisty tangley web". The Bengalis do that,
and it was in Calcutta that the crow shit on my head. Just like most links, I haven't a clue as to what if anything it means, but if the Bengali crows and
Bengali tigers talk to each other, there could be trouble.
white_wave a crow woke me up this morning. his/her obnoxious yacking forced me to get up otherwise i would have slept through my entire day off from work.

crow, why do you have to be the cutest and silliest character from MST3K? you have cheered up many of my days with your wisecracks. you are so adorable sometimes i want to eat you up.
IO1011 Little crow flit, little crow flutter
little bitty crow has lost his mother
what's it to you?
who go