werewolf when the coronation began she trembled. The crowd's noises advanced and retreated then stuttered to silence as the horns blared, giving the illusion that their voices had become the trumpets, unified regal, it was all a blur to Jane who seemed to squint for the first time to defile the uncomfortable lucidity of too many faces to register all looking so similar but too different to trust. And she had never been presented with such attention to detail, she had never looked so quietly, resignedly afraid. This was her arranged marriage to history. It was as if she knew the songs shrill staccato ending and was belittled by its looming. Those vying for power would execute her when she became too much of a symbol of confusion and recklessness to the people. No one wanted to lead her hands that day, pale and trembling, reaching as they always had, complicitly, unknowingly. It was the excutioner who was most terrified. Those who ordered it were not closeby when it happened. The voices in them which would cry out were not the ones which would rule the country after the blindfold stained with innocently damning tears, a slight warm salt that would never be touched, was covered, almost absolved in mundane gore. The voices that would rule the country were the parts that distanced themselves from it. The loud official voice overwhelming countless whispers. whispers like jane. the executioner was relieved to see the blood, the commonality that brought his attention away from soft hands, from a cry that wasn't the usual fear he had so often dismissed in what was a swift even pleasurable motion of his arms, of the weight pulling and stopping, but was confusion, so recognizeable. He shared her confusion, he unwittingly murdered a part of himself, and could never again pretend that he was justified, that it was his own two feet standing there. For those who witnessed it, there was only the forgetfulness of tomorrow's work, or of some inhuman injustice more pressing.

this was based on the true story of jane tudor i think....i wanted to write about it...i think a book is out on it...if anyone's read it tell me.
noname never ever watch CORONATION STREET. If you don't know, it is a satanic soap opera in Britain. It draws you in and won't let go, like a black hole made of ice cream. It will drive you mad. Only the strong can escape its deadly clutches. it will have you for life!

coolsoundingme what bush thought was happening at his inauguration. 070529
qef you can't be a KING or PRESIDENT if you can't bloody dance or sing a positive rap song !

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Yes America should have a women as a president simply because women are not the ones who designed guns because they don't have pistols, and who cares if the opposition is black or white ?
What is your focus on the colour or sex of someone, how much time do you waste ? yes black people are some of the poorest in America, maybe because no one wants to give them opportunities, what has that got to do with what crap leader you want ?
i don't think Hilary is a racist it is more that the general public that are. She should learn how to sing a love song before anything.

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