Gollum a)morning sex
b)afternoon sex
c)bedtime sex
d)sloppy drunken fuck (anytime)
silentbob Which is better:

Being told your best friend is going out with the person you love?

Finding out that your best friend has been going out with the person you love and has no intention of ever telling you and has been lying to you for quite a while about it, too.
florescent light I wish I could give you a hug
and offer you my shoulder
cause I know how much it hurts
and cry on yours
cause there's no one who wants to get their t-shirt wet with the love drenching out of my heart

so I cry on my pillow
and I cried on his
and I turned it over when he wasn't looking so he couldn't see
the traces of purple glitter
on his black pillowcase
and so he wouldn't know
what he's done to me
you know who I'd pay a dollar to be there.
but my words are just that.
see in them what you will, I can only
offer thoughts based on me and
the little I know of you.
my heart is boundless and not as
black as I'd like to think.
I'll share it from 3000 miles away.
close you eyes and breathe in deep.
I'm sending you undconditonal love
because that's all I have to offer.
If you find a millisecond of light or
feel a single tear is cherished as real
than my life has been worth living.
Casey Hanging around people who you know dislike you behind your back


Not hanging out with anyone at all
OuT Morning. Without question. 010721
Gollum thank you, nice Hobbit, nice, nice Hobbit. 010721
The Truth which is better?

To have love and lose it, or to never love at all?

They've done studies on old people, who retired very, very wealthy. They never made the time to raise a family, or settle down with a spouse.
In the end, they were asked, "How do you feel?" about the life, or wealth they had accomplished.


was the how the majority responded.
kx21 It's dependent on what are the matters wondering in your Mind...

The best is better that better,

Better is better than good,

Good is better than The fairest,

The Fairest is better than fairer

Fairer is better than fair

Fair is better than bad,

Bad is better than worse,

Worse is better than The Worst...

And in Good and Bad:-

Good is better than quite good,

Quite good is better than fairly good,

Fairly good is better than rather good,

Rather Bad is better than fairly bay,

Fairly bad is better than quite bad,

Quite Bad is better than Bad...

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Gollum a)shaved (tattooed, optional)
OuT b.

better place to wake up:

1.) in your own bed
2.) in last night's date's bed
3.) bathroom floor of a public restroom...nude
squillo mint_cheetos or graphite_salsa 010727
Gollum last night's date's bed(only if it's before 6:00 a.m. 010727
Sol in stormy weather
the tie dyed beauty or the girl in leather
the wieght of morning sunburn brow
or easy light, here and now
to lend you soul out to a freind
and learning that your love may end
or closing off your heartsoul door
and finding that you love no more
distorted tendencies i like mine during bedtime..
nice dreams.
distorted tendencies definately last night's date's bed.. (although i like it before seven am.) 010826
florescent light blather flooded with christian preachings
or no blather at all
unhinged i don't like either of those sheryl? do you have a choice number three? 010826
Gollum a 5 min. great blowjob
a 20 min. mediocre blowjob
distorted tendencies The five minute one, even though i am not male. I would definately enjoy a Great blowjob, instead of mediocre. 010921
lady lunchbox good lord, no blather??? there's no reason to live if i don't have blather!

i'll stick with all the preachy blathes, even though they make my eyes burn and they give me hiccups.

i think we should just make the jesus freaks go away.
Rebecca Which is better? Living in pain or dying in peace? Being insane or gaining release? Taking a chance or living in fear? Running away or just staying here? 020216
kx21 Living in pain = Apple

Dying in peace = Orange?
kx21 Living in pain = Apple

Dying in peace = Orange?
kx21 Living in pain = Apple

Dying in Peace = Orange?
pralines&cream morning sex, because i'm always horny in the morning

finding out your best friend has been going out with the person you love and has no intention of telling you (so the hate could be justifiable)

not hanging out with anyone at all (although both options are quite unhealthy)

love and lose it (pain is necessary. it just is)

bushy/trimmed (on a male; i couldn't really say what i prefer for females, but i do shave, so i guess shaved for females)

last night's date's bed (because that is also tomorrow night's date's bed, and my forever-date's bed)

in stormy weather, the tie-dyed beauty of a [boy] in leather.

blather flooded with christian preachings

A 5 minute blowjob (being a girl, that's what I would prefer in the female sense at least)

dying in peace, gaining release, taking a chance, running away [for a time]
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