jane unscrew your face from your laptop screen
see the people, the places in your magazines
theyíre a big headed bunch, you know what I mean
someone made them out of plasticine.

iím the morning rain, itís me again, i wonít go away
iím the morning rain, itís me again, i wonít go away..

come down off your barbed wire fence
what youíre saying sounds stupid, it makes no sense
it may be used later in your defence
it may be used later as evidence
for the

morning rain, itís me again, i wonít go away
iím the morning rain, itís me again, i wonít go away...

undo your head from the sink plug chain
unscrew the cheap wine and drink like a drain
you may never want to waltz again
you may never want to walk away

the morning rain, itís me again, i wonít go away
iím the morning rain, itís me again, i wonít go away...

pack your bags your roomís for let
theyíre putting up the barricades
and laying off all bets
iíve never seen so many people smoke
so many cigarettes
pack your bags now
your roomís for rent

iím the morning rain, itís me again, i wonít go away
iím the morning rain, itís me again, i wonít go away
iím the morning rain, donít you know my name,
donít you know my name
iím the morning rain, donít you know my name?

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Caroline 452 Wow. Someone else who's heard of I Am Kloot. The 2nd album (self titled) is one of my favorites. You must be in the UK or an anglophile. 090227
TCMT Here is the truth: if you have true integrity you will not be well liked. It is one of the sacrifices of being sane.

And no, I am not talking about the cheap paper mache integrity that has been floating around these daysóthe kind that you and I have; I am talking about a different type of animal. I am not talking about the type of integrity that is rested down at the slightest inconvenience, when having it is too controversial and dangerous. I am not talking about the integrity that is thrown away at the slightest condemnation from peers and the community and society; I am not talking about that ugly mutation of integrity.

I am talking about the one that canít be put down, canít be hidden away, and refuses to surrender, the kind that is so powerful that it compels people to do noble, honorable, and stupid things. I am talking about integrity that challenged empires; I am talking about the integrity that so often leads good men to early gravesóthe kind of integrity that is so unpopular.

Here is what I truly want to say: Goodbye. Goodbye to this circus that is called living; I cannot live that way anymore. It is unbearable and annoying and as long as I accept it as the only way of life I will be a deeply conflicted, internally decaying human being. There are other ways of living and I intend on finding them.

So donít ask me to tell you lies, or to pretend. Donít ask me to put on a show or to shrug off all the suffering that I see around me.

Instead of worrying about poor people and humanityís self-destructive elements I should focus on what I am wearing and if it is fashionable or how cool I sound when I talkóright? This is what I feel the world is telling me; I should focus on material things and be happy; I should be overly concerned about how popular I am and how much people like me; I should be striving everyday to please this insatiable corrupt fungus that we call society, and I should love it.

Oh, the economy is dying because greedy people in high places donít give a shit about the people below? I should try to get a good job and strive to be rich.

Oh, we are still killing people in a far away desert? What of it, I am not from Iraq; I am an American.

Oh, some crazy Africans are killing each other? Why should I care! I should go to college and get a degree and listen to my elders and never question my religion, and be an obedient selfish dogóright? Because spending the rest of my life slaving away in order to pay off college loans while becoming numb to everything bad that happens around me is what I should be doing, isnít it?

Fuck that!

I think I would get more gratification out of shooting myself in the foot and clothing the blood with marshmallows instead of cotton. Is that crazy? Well so is accepting poverty when people can buy islands.

I have decided to live consciously. I have decided to have integrity because it is what truly matters. I have decided to believe in something and not compromise that belief because of fear; I have decided to love people enough to be honest with them; I have decided to care about the world enough to not accept the lies that are used to justify the way things are.

If there is anything important in life, it is to live truly and deeply and consciously and truthfully and fairly, it is to stop bullshitting and stop pretending and stop confusing worldly wealth with true success. If there is anything that matters in this world, it is dying without shame. I should not have to make excuses for myself or this world when I am on my death bedóbecause I was too afraid to live justly and I accepted the world as it is instead of trying to make it better.

Forget about heaven or hell; forget about being accepted; forget about fitting in; forget about achieving what the world thinks you should achieve; and remember why we are really here: to make a difference and leave this world having provided something that made it better in some way.

As for meÖI quit...I am writing off this circus show and doing something different. I encourage you to do the same.
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