anchor baby sorry
I'm an idiot

seven inch nails Like missed out. Missed out on life. On the premise that life is something like a liquor commercial with stunningly beautiful women hanging all over you. Ofcourse you could be born with cerebral palsy, or work all day picking lettuce. In the later case you would not get cable, and so would not see the liquor commercials. But then you would not even be aware of the "missed thing". There is something about having just enough awarness to generate plenty of regret, but not enough to ever sieze any opprotunity. It all makes me a creep I suppose. It's funny how gays can be addicted to sex and not be creeps. It's paradoxical because it seems to be the same women (feminists) that on the one hand deny the special importance of child bearing and rearing while on the other they seem to share, with all women and probably most men, a bias toward commited relationships. Am I preaching? O.K. I'll preach, One of the the things God revealed to me is a sexual position. To keep things comfortably brief let's just call it the "bench". This was by way of the INRI (or Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews). It looks a little like a face, The eyes on either side, an N for the nose, and an R for nose right. It recalls the mark of cain, which I am convinced is the violet wind that leaves marks under eyes. And the R for right recalls the gesture for "no" in the west. Among the Turks the head is thrown back, I guess this is because they are supposed to go in for butt humping. What do I know, I've seen "Midnight Express". But one can imagine being in the position of the humper when the humpee tryed to do a back flip. Maybe the bottom line is missed love. Can this be equated with missing because everyone has a love story. I don't think so, not because love is about sex but because love isn't love unless it's requited. We say, "a story of unrequited love", if such a story was billed as, "a love story", I think people would feel cheated. Ofcourse it's always this whose good enough for who, that's human nature. So why don't you tell me about unloved fat girls, and older women left out while their older male counter parts have their Monicas? 001230
Thyartshallshant I missing SNL right now. 001230
last_star it hurst to miss someone so much it makes u cry, but what hurts more is to find out that the person you miss has already forgotten you........ 010118
raechel I've missed myself for so long. Missed my smile. I've been numb inside since I was 13. What a great fucking number... 010211
Morelen She never missed me 010211
Glory Box So much missing. I spend my time in constant regret 011010
lilac_air your life fluid
has made me all I am
you flow through
my veins
now cloted and flowing around
anger and hurt loss fear
blocked by a ending that is growing
inside you stealing your life from me
leaving me your your blood in my veins
I will love you forever
heybrianfoster bang, baby! bang!
didn't hit you.
In_Bloom I watched you from my car
Watched you look along the street and over into the park where I was not
I watched you walk over to the bench, stand before it and light a cigarette

Part of me wanted to not be a liar, wanted to walk into the park and make you watch me, wrack you with uncertainty
But I knew you'd only come to make some Peace for yourself

To slowly drive away from a chance to release my hurt on you was difficult but you didn't deserve any more of me
Around the corner, into the dark garage and sprawled across my bed, I remained intact
You missed
GTony maybe


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