jennifer boober
uncle travelling matt
birdmad the trash heap has spoken...Nyeah! 000507
MollyGoLightly My favorite episode is the one when the hippie fraggle wouldn't let them eat rhe Doozers' houses 000507
TheTrashHeap "The Preachification of Convincing John"

Mokey's sudden disappointment with herself ;ater in the episode upon overhearing the doozers lament that the fraggles had stopped eating the towers

Funny , i was thinking of the same episode
MollyCule Wouldn't it be rilly great if you could have some Doozers in your house to do things for you? Like get you pops, or fetch cigarettes or another beer, whatever. Plus, they're incredibly cute little things and if you have some around when you bring a date home, you're more likely to get laid.

After reading this over, I've realized that it sounds nearly like slavery. However, if you've watched any of the Doozer-cemtered episodes lately, or can remember any from a while ago, you'd know that they are actually quite happy to build their little buildings and things, and require almost nothing in return. Doozers live to do exactly what they do. I'm like defending myself in advance here.
Philifledermaus Intellect stretching visual fodder for children. I mean, any show based on the concept of a symbiotic relationship between Doozers (obsessive builders of edible structures), and Fraggles (who eat the edible structures, thus creating space to allow the Doozers to continue their obsessive building) has to be acknowledged as pure genius :)

Also, currently a bizarre fashion offshoot of goth in the UK. Long colourful hair extensions are giving a few people more than just a passing resemblence to the aforementioned creatures. Looks good though on the right people :)
B-DAwG and JimBo. wembly is the essence of fraggleness
those who say that gomo is the heart and soul of fraggle rock must die.
they are evil facist pigs.
wembly is what makes the world go 'round.
word to uncle travling mac
Aimee red, the quintessential jock
gobo, the fascist leader
wembly, the underachieving genuis
mokey, celebrated artist who reminds me
of my fourth grade teacher
boober, the know-it-all
Uncle Travelling Matt, the ronald reagan
of the bunch who shouldn't
have left the doozers.
Dafremen Doozers are tastier the day after Thanksgiving when they're all fattened up on Thanksgiving dinner. 010219
Aimee This morning I woke up, and was channel surfing and you'll never guess what I found on channel 64... that's right FRAGGLE ROCK!!! I haven't screamed in that kind of delight in a long time!!! I mean, fraggle rock is probably my favourite show from my childhood (After Rainbow_Brite) and there is was... wembly, gobo, red, mokey, and boober, all there, complete with the gorgs!!! 010310
nocturnal I love fraggles, because they're awesome for one, but mostly because they're all about dancing your cares away, worries are for another day. that's my philosophy on life. sure, some might label me a slacker, but dammit, dancing's better than worrying! 010310
Dafremen I always thought dancing your cares away while pissing in your pants would be an interesting combination. I mean hey, once you've successfully and purposefully pissed yourself while doing the lamabada and LIVED through the experience, what is there to worry about?

Yup dancing and soiling yourself..the perfect combination.
green_tenedril i adored fraggle rock.
in the 5th grade
i had a crush on a guy named matt
simply because he reminded me
of wembly.
he did not want to be my boyfriend, though.
(i have an old 6" record of the theme song.)
crissa everytime i see radishes at the grocery store, i think of fraggles... 010424
doozerdoesnt down at fraggle rock,
grab a fraggle by his cock,
swing him round and round,
bash his goolies off the ground.
(in fraggle rock theme music).
joda I have a stuffed "Boober".

But, Mokey was my favorite. She was the oldest, wisest, and probably the strongest. She was always on the level.
randomly recent ! 040128
sabbie real life, once again, reflecting blather.

yesterday my hair was up and all fluffy from a bad night's sleep and everytime i caught sight of myself all i could see was Red.

[i see red
i see red
i see red]

and that wasn't doing my head
any good
at all
stork daddy dance your cares away...worries for another day 040128
lemmego Down at fraggle rock
Catch a fraggle by his cock
Throw him in the hair
Catch him by his public hair
Turn the chainsaw on
Where's that fucking fraggle gone?
Strideo they live in mortal fear of andre_agassi
what's it to you?
who go