unhinged some say it's cruelty
light me up with
your precious fire
i could feel you all night
make my insides knot and swell
i want to live inside you
run to you
kiss you benedictions
every sunrise of my life
should i jump over the cliff;
let go
and fly for the few short seconds
that your breath suspends me
just the thought of it on
the back of my eyelids
makes me so high
i can't see the ground
unhinged i can hear all the words
that you're singing
and i'm glad that i can't
see your face
the slight change in pitch of your voice
when you giggle
for him
like the red in my eyes
"i guess you aren't that different
maybe i've just changed
while i'm trying to stay the same"
unhinged that as different as i am
the drama is still the same

is still a chickenshit
unhinged the night she convinced me to give him my phone number she asked me why i was so sad all the time

he made me forget why
for awhile
it became apparent
that my tendency to care way more
than the situation warrants
was slapping me in the face
yet again
with him too
no reason i've been thinking about this recently. i said i worried sometimes about getting close to people and having to show them my melancholy side (or having it inevitably appear). he asked what was wrong with being melancholy, which i thought was a bit of an odd/obvious question, and i answered, "well... people mostly like being around happy people."

he said it's possible to channel what it is about you that makes you melancholy (whether it's events from the past that have hurt you and left you with a sense of sadness, or whether it's personality issues that can be dealt with) and address that. then, ideally, if you're successful in this, your melancholy will diminish; or at least, it won't present itself so much in everyday relationships and situations.

it's a nice idea... but holy shit, does that job sound difficult.
unhinged i am melancholy
if you don't want to dea
i don't have time
unhinged *deal

drunk phone blathing on the bus is not advisable
unhinged i still talk to you even though i shouldn't. you still talk to her even though you shouldn't. she talked to me on your phone.

you label my number in your phone 'the one that got away'

i'm not sure how true that is. i can't seem to get away from you even when i try.

'the meeting of two people is like the meeting of chemical substances...both are transformed' (sic) - jung

all our misery taught me
what happiness should be
unhinged ( cliff_diving ) 140430
unhinged for three years now, at this time of year i sell bikinis. i used to weigh over 200 lbs and i am afraid of the water. 140717
unhinged you were the only one I could really be myself with

you were absolutely the wrong one in almost every other way
unhinged like cliff_diving off the edge of the universe 181011
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