Persona I've tried to support you through hard times, to offer words of encouragement and to let you know I'll always be there for both of you. It would be nice to get the same from you. I realize that I have no hope in hell of a financially stable future, and I'll have bad credit until I'm 40 and still be drowning in debt when I'm 30. I've thought about that hanging over my head when I try to settle down and start a family. Don't think I'm so idealistic and nieve that I need someone to remind me every (rare) time we talk about college....and certainly don't think I need someone to accuse me of wanting my parents involved only so I can get money. Don't for one minute think of your daughter as that heartless and greedy.I did always think that a goal of being a parent was to help their children through college, morally if not financially. I must be mistaken. Maybe the true goal is to get insulted, then just mean when you're asked for support. Why should you just hand over your hard earned money to me? After all, new toys for the computer are far more important.
I will work my way through college by myself. I might end up right back at KFC trying desperately not to strangle customers, and back home in my old room...but I want a career, and I want to be successful and be able to provide for a family without dreading the thought of haluing my ass out of bed every morning to suffer my way through another day of work the way I've seen you do for 17 years.
I'll do what it takes to acheive my own version of happiness or go bankrupt trying.
Why did you even have to ask me why I was crying? Don't you realize that on top of being scared shitless about my future, I have to deal with graduation, exams, my despisable job, friends, and the fact that I'm lonely as hell? Did you think that just because I never cried about New Years when you told me about your other life and hoped I wouldn't hate you that it didn't affect me?Did you think that just because I didn't say anything that it didn't bother me when you started acting like a child and tossing things around because I didn't rely on you for everything? It's hard to ask for your help when I all ready know exactly what you're going to say, and that you'll just end up pissed off and I'll just end up feeling really really lost and alone.
What am I going to do? I'm just going to have to suffer through the teenage years and hope the middle ones will be better.

Love, Jen
Dafremen Dear Jen,

After you've gotten through this experience and have learned first hand what it means to stand on your own two feet, you'll thank us for the lesson, and even if you don't...watching you stand on your own two feet and walk for the second time since you were born will be thanks enough. We love you dear and we have faith in you. Now go get 'em!!


Mom and Dad

Delivered c/o Dafremen
oldephebe ... 040718
once agian Dear Mom & Dad

I'm fine. How are you? I have joined a small circus that much is true. I'm a little malnourished but try to relax. Could you find a better photo for the milk carton backs. Send money.

Dear Mom & Dad,

I'm fair. How's life? I lent the money you sent me to the clown with the knife. My career as an acrobat hasn't begun, but I'm busy giving blood and shoveling elephant dung. Send money.
newme i'm glad we share the rent 040718
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