i feel myself deflating there is something to be said for these.

someone please blow_me
jeff what is bese way to masterbate for me edmonton male 28 030911
jezabel we thrust ourselves into
tiny cube, piss and vomit
staining the air. you throw me
against the wall, crushing kiss,
your spikes cleverly baiting my back,
its opposite the grinding draw
the hard heat that is the center
of our gravity. i writhe in defiance,
remind you that nothing is free, that
i am wild horses ready to
run, i am predator barely checked.
your hands fold roaming pressure over
curves and angles, meat and bone.
eyes clash, a challenge and a grin,
demon's distance drawing us panting.
head yanked back, lips and teeth
teasing, bringing me to growls
as a hand parts us and deftly loosens
just enough skin for intimate weapon to unfold.
your eyes gleam, more dangerous than mine,
and with a sinister grin,
you roughly guide me down.

i'll let you win,
this time.
crimson jezabel.
i loved.
nomatter our intention, but we got carried away. 031003
tortuous i heard my roomate once play a porn on his computer... i quote in an old husky voice "Let me give you a good Face-Fucking.."

the mental pictures had me immediatly rolling on the ground
crimson hah. that reminds me of a cat i once new. he often used the phrase "pop your eyeballs and skull fuck you"
i'm afraid i have taken it up, even if i only use it on occasion
acidshank i want to give a blowjob. once i get my braces off. i will. i think it would be so sensual.haha 041125
tea leaves

We are not all acidshank.

not all of us.
no we arent
some of us
value the hands
we hold
so much more
than the sex
we have
tea leaves some of us
see the ugliness
and find beauty
fix 041129
Ionesco He breaks the silence to inform me, matter-of-factly, "I think I'm gonna go soon". His voice trying so hard to sound disinterested I think at first he means he's going to leave, go home, right in the middle of this.
"Should I somewhere else?"
Oh, okay, right. "Yeah, sure."
Where- I don't know where else, I was kind of hoping you'd have a suggestion- What's acceptable? Can I hold you over the mug on my nightstand, glide you over to the kitchen sink and finish you off there? Dishes- I should have done the dishes. I'm not even sure you'd want to on my breasts- you seem relatively disinterested by them, too. Well just how much is there going to be, anyway. Um, oh whatever.
"doesn't matter, anywhere's fine"
Bib Lick Al And after that, blow_Methusulah. 080723
unhinged sorry
not even for dallas
will i put dick in my mouth

maybe i am more of a lesbian
than previously thought
. Do you just as adamantly refuse to receive? 080723
mustard just gave one, about 10 minutes ago

he said it was the best he ever had (unsolicited, directly after)

i asked him to go down on me

he said he's only done that with three girls

and now he's waiting until marraige

i'd really like to respect that, and i lied, saying i did

but i don't

i think that's stupid

and i have blueballs to the clit

and i thought i was in love with him

but i'm not


at least not anymore, especially
unhinged yeah, pretty much actually. cause i don't feel right taking if i won't give. i'm not gonna lie and say i adamantly refuse, but if they know my take on the matter and still want to stick their face in my crotch, i'm not going to protest too loudly. 080723
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