kerry what am i going to do about you? and why are you so unintentionally invading?
and why the hell did i write that in your yearbook... damn the man. i wish i could go back and erase it. i wish i could go back and erase a lot of things.
i wish that

things didn't feel so impossible between us
Eva what i genuinly wanted to say is that you dont have to be afraid of me. one of these days you will get tired in your heart and in your mind. you will feel it in your body and you will need help. let me help you. you are already burnt out it seems. what are you running from? if this has become a simple string of formalities then lets just let it go but remember one thing. all i want to do is like you alot. 021206
-Jessica- I always made it a point to be there for you. Your my little brother. I was supposed too. You never had a father and I knew how it felt to not have him around. You have always came to me when you had a question or just wanted to talk. Now your growing up so fast and the tables are turning. Now your the one that has been there for me. Thank you. 030528
silentbob Elvis is god 030528
crimson Zach,
You are beautiful.
Let's make babies.
crimson zach,
You called .
I'm glad.
I really dont know what I expect from you.
crimson We went out yesterday with some other people. Every time he glanced at me he smiled. Not the grin of someone laughing at me in secrecy, but as though he was enjoying an attempt to memorize me, love me.
On the way home I laid against him in the back seat, his arm around my waist. With his fingertips (rough skin, gentle touch) he tranced invisible designs over my shoulders. I noticed how unusually, deliciously salty his skin is, and how good it smells.
I looked up, exhaling happily, and kissed him. He looked back and smiled, so I kissed him again. My lips couldn't help but linger a bit and he kissed me back.
I couldn't stop giggling with joy, so I had to stop kissing him instead. He laughed at me as I rested my head on his lap, triyng to compose myself.
I ran my fingers across his bare arm, sliding my hand into his.
He held onto me tightly, like a fear had taken over him. Like he could feel the animal beneath my skin drinking deeply from the unyielding, blue pools of his eyes. Like one of us was getting lost and he needed to keep a fierce grasp.
unhinged i honestly hate you. for what you did to her and what you did to her and me. you were so lucky to be in boston you stupid fuck. 031002
nomatter preppy 031002
crimson It eludes me how you manage to be so fickle, Zach. It really does. I wish you wanted me, but you, alas do not; and sadly, such is life. 031007
silentbob the moustache is gone. 031008
crimson Indifferently, with his noxious shoe, he prods at my heart; it always returns to oscillation though I will it to do otherwise!

My heart goes squish.
crimson I want to throw up all over myself and hug him.
He moved on.
I'm having a not ok day.
fritz Remember that show some time in the winter? We were all freezing and we pretended to be in the trench coat mafia. I sat on the bass amp with Zach and Brittney to keep warm. Benji was on drugs and Brian was doing something with Lauren.

And the band played, and Benji forgot how to play guitar. Zach just had a good time as always. He clocked me in the head with his bass, trying to swing it over his shoulder.

I wasn't that upset. Just bleeding a little. He cried.

And you know, I just wanted hold his hand but I never could.
eklektic murray. july 13, 1984.

pci. sells weed. good weed. loves me. listens to interpol w/ me and fucks me with his whole soul. he's a beautiful boy with blue eyes that light up when he looks at me, dialated or otherwise.

you're an awesome boyfriend.
coaster i don't have blue eyes! 050531
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