kingsuperspecial woof! woof! woof-woof! woof! woof! woof! woof-woof-woof! woof! woof! woof! woof-woof-woof! woof! woof! woof! woof-woof! woof! woof-woof! woof! woof! woof-woof-woof! woof! woof-woof-woof! woof-woof-woof! woof! woof-woof!


god I love that! don't know why.

unhinged uuummm...freak

it reminds me of those rude english boys across the alley in new york city.
kingsuperspecial woowoowoowoowoof!

freak is a compliment, I suppose.

don't knock it til you've tried it,

challenge: next time you're in the car, crank down the window, stick your head out, and bark at any dogs you see.
people with hats and baby carriages are fair game, too. at least for my dog.

you'd be surprise how much fun this is, and quite cathartic if you're in the right mood.

why do you think dogs bark?
it feels good!

(a) incessant freaky barker
Alexander Beetle (patron saint of parentheses) The neighbourhood chapter of Council of Canines was called into session just a few minutes ago. My own dog (read: golden light of my soul), Galadriel, habitually attends every Council meeting from our (read: her) backyard. She makes it her business to know exactly What Is Going On, but I have never heard her contribute to the debates. Until today, of course. Did you think I'd bother to blather (hey, poetry!) if everything was status quo? Indeed, no sooner had I let her out and was returning to my own unfinished business on my computer, when I heard arguments coming from closer than usually expected. I turned back and stood at the glass of the door and watched her, standing evenly and firm, tail raised to about half mast, emit three quick retorts, punctuated by puffs of breath ('tis chilly out), directed through the wooden privacy fense towards our next door neighbour's yard:


Then, she turned her head to face me, as if to say, "Was that alright? I wasn't too out of line, do you think?" I could merely shrug - such matters are not for the minds of man to ken, after all. I can only assume that she argued well, for her commentary all but signaled the gradual adjournment of the Council (although small, personal discussions between a few members continue outside). Satisfied, she trotted back to the door, and now rests comfortably on her throne (read: a particular easy chair in the living room (read: her throne)), pondering issues neither you nor I could possibly understand and savoring her victory on this red letter day.
Dafremen Hey man, I thought I was patron saint of parentheses. Damn! Ok...hmmm patr{}n saint {}f { {_}rly Bra{es...that's it!

I'd like t{} add Alexander Beetle t{} my list {}f pe{}ple whose st{_}ff I really dig.

C{_}z I really ]}UG that.
ilovepatsajak when i want something and i don't wanna pay for it.
jane's addiction
ilovepatsajak the barking at the beginning of that song always makes me laugh. 011026
Jane's Addiction show at the Palladium (little tiny hole_in_the_wall venue in the middle of a semi abandoned strip mall in an otherwise busy part of town)

too crowded, clove and pot smoke filling the room 800 people (the space had been a store of some kind and for a short while and had been some hardcore psycho evangelical church before they moved to another strip-mall)

four songs into the set they break into the song "Stop" and as Perry gets top the part about

"that goddamn radio
hum - along with me

along with TV..."

the place degenerates into a full-on riot

no one ever really figured out why

and the place was so wrecked after that that the promoter who owned it never used that place for concerts again (probably lost his lease)
pat sajak me an my girlfriend don't wear no clothes
woot woot
ilovepatsajak jane says makes me cry 011026
spooky fish (everybodys got their own opinion) read an article about jane

38 now
(contrary to the inference by some, she was never a prostitute)

eight years clean

living a normal life

and yeah, she did get to spain after all

gotta dig the happy ending
ilovepatsajak yay she got to spain 011027
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