hsg1437 we are here to love_serve_and_remember. 070327
sameolme I'm here to ogle the consumers.
I've never seen a planet consumed before.
The consumers of Earth are an attraction
that will probably not be around the
next time I'm in the hood.
nom i haven't come to earth
i am part of earth
nom or:
i am of earth
epitome of incomprehensibility Wow. I like sameolme's response. Me? Of course I'm here to singlehandedly (though maybe with the slight help of my left pinky toe) save the planet. Or maybe I'm just here for the food. 070327
NOW.NOW.NOW i only want to live in peace..
when i walk outside my front door..
i mostly see pain.. struggle..
everything is corrupt..

when everything could just be so beautiful in such a simple way...

where' the love gone ?

i went to Oxfors St. today... it just brought me down so much...

i don't understand why we need so much "stuff"
it confuses me so much.. i was just looking for one skirt.. but i got confussed... too much choise... too much competion.. too much greed and too much envy.

maybe if we all wanted less.. we wouldn't need to lead such stressful lives... maybe we wouldn't have to work so hard, maybe we could all enjoy life so much more... simply have more fun and share everything we create.

we know what we need... why has that become so excessive ?

the business people keep all the profits and become more and more greedy whilst they leave the workers behind to struggle throughout their whole lives... just because they were not so lucky or were never given the opportunities other people were offered.

no-one offers me opportunity.. although i know i have a lot to give...
but why would i want to work day in day out... to be treated like shit, to do a job that is meaningless,
to reach the end of the month... and have nothing to show for it. it is soul distroying. i am lucky to have a father that supports me and believes in me.

it is a catch 22 situation... in a capitalist world... it only works in this way... it is not possible for people to be equal if people are greedy and self-centered. the rich get richer - the poor get poorer.
mm... yes that would create conflict.. terrroism.. hatred... violence is not the answer... the answer is to make a positive action... it is the people with the power (money or status) that need to start this..... without looking deeply into issues... complexity leads to confussion.... the best answer is always simple.

i don't know... it just seems wrong... we should all be given opportunities to enjoy life...

if the world was to minimalise what they actually needed... we could then devlop as race... in a more inelligent way.

if there was ever a desperate time... it would be now.

all the people working in the west to contribute to the consumer culture should be helping the third world. People are not going to complain if they have less choise of clothing or food. especially if the choise is more healthy. it would be nice to see a clothing store with no labels on it... a store that gives everyone chance to create new styles... new creations... why does it matter whose name is on it ?

music and arts should heal the world... it should be done in a positive way... with love and fun... there is no use in digging up the past because there is nothing we can do about it, this is the moment NOW.
hsg love, serve & remember. 080331
random misfit to unleash my astro_zombies upon this land

(hey...who would i do this for: me or you?)
jane i LOVE astro_zombies.

such a great flick.
hsg1437 again_and_again we find & learn cheerful_service because in this we are free.


we will not stop until this is so.

we will not remain in peace until we remember this.

the will to serveternally perpetuates the cosmic_machine_of_bliss.

th_is grandesign.

Serveternally Grandesign

EterniTribe Why have I come to Earth? Sorry, that information is confidential. 080419
hsg NOW.NOW.NOW that was heartfelt and beautiful. you seem young, perhaps under 20. whatever the case may be, please keep that heart of yours. you're not missing out on "stuff". who are you? 080601
daf yea. don't let them change you if you can help it. we need to heal_the_world. she's hurting so. 080601
Temporary Enemy of Daf Daf uses a verbally pugilistic, "in-one's-face" approach to help heal the world's wounds. One is reminded of the bullshit story I am spontaneously inventing, wherein a man removes all the platelettes from his blood so as to accelerate its clotting. 080601
epitome of incomprehensibility Temporary Enemy: why the shock-and-awe tactics? Can't you save it for when Daf is actually being annoying? Here he doesn't appear to be insulting anyone. Ah, the vicious circle. And now I'm also implicating myself. (Spinning around is fun, until one gets nauseous.)

Daf: Could you insult me please? I feel left out.
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