silentbob Jane Lane's brother on daria. hes cool. splinken even thinks so. hes the reason i want three pericings in each ear
one day, silentbob
one day...
daxle liz pitt reznor reeves 001213
hehehe Trent on Daria is *HOT!* I would do him in a minute! hehe Oh if only cartoons could be real!!! 010201
sabbie in my first year at uni,in the toilets near the photography studios, there, in unassuming black letters to the right of the toilet roll holder were the words

'trent is god'

i spent many hours (once you count them all up you understand) staring at that.

such a little statement,
such a powerful imprint.

and i once met a man named trent reese. i bowed down and worshipped him. he looked confused.

and then when he told me his email address,, i collapsed to the floor in awe.

yea verily, i thought to myself, it is true.

trent is god.
Trent "hello, the world" is what i would say to this world. any other world, "hello world." why? i'm trent i guess... 010308
xxx my future son's name 020720
voodoo makes me sad sometimes

other times
pure joy
misstree "trent wolf"

how could someone
known to the rest of the world as zippy
get such a commanding name?
fritz I still can't talk about him without crying. He just left so suddenly, the same way he got here by way of La Porte, Indiana. He's somewhere in Tennessee right now, he left me last month, April, somewhere around the 25th. I was in Virginia for a competition, I never got to say goodbye.

I'll always remember his hair. The six inch reddish black hair that he somehow managed to make stand straight up. How he looked with it down, random strands falling under his small black frame glasses and nearly touching the tip of his nose. He didn't like people to touch it, he always snapped at me for playing with his hair, with his eclectic livedintoomanyplacesintoolittleyears accent. He was at least seven feet tall with his hair up. I always felt so short standing next to him. I'm five six and I barely came to his shoulders.

We'd sit in German class and talk to Miss P, or laugh at the stoners who threw paper at his hair and always missed. He liked to show people his nipple ring, almost got suspended for it. He stole me earring because he wanted a bigger barbell. Wherever he is he still has it. Maybe he remembers me. One day the stoners threatened to pick a fight. I walked outside and they were beating the shit out of someone, but not Trenton.

It scared me. I guess I fell in love. I don't beleive in love though. I'd never seen someone with such dark brown eyes before. It always made me sad that he was nearly blind.

I was his only real friend. When you move every two months you don't make many. He didn't want to get attached, but he did anyway. That Wednesday night I was leaving he walked over to say goodbye, he lived two streets down, and kissed me, before disappearing.

He knew he was never going to see me again.

I am always going to remember the poor child with ADHD and bi-polar disorder, arrested for drunk driving without a license and a broken tail light, who stopped by Palm Bay sunny Florida for a few months on his quest to find the

meaning of life.

And who taught me what love is.
Fritz Euler.

Sir Trenton Euler.
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