fyn gula 1. open up your heart and see
2. lift up your voice and sing
3. celebrate your breath and be
4. dance with arms raised

what will happen if i do these things?
you will live.
camille ...beautiful

The dancing horizon spreads its scarf
Over the monsoon cloud
The mind is lit up with the sudden splendour
of the dazzling light

From: The Road's Bond
by Rabindranath Tagore
apoeticmisfit * wake up
* get through the day
* get back to sleep
* smile while your doing it
DannyH - see world from outside
- lose five years
- empty entire contents of soul into machine in spare room
- eat more jam
rubydee --swim in the ocean
--with open eyes
--savor the salty sting
--not unlike hot tears
--save your soul
--from the sharks
phil today 020729
MagicMan 1 Pick up The damn montsers from school.

2. buy a shiny silver object.

3. use said object in some obscure manner...

4. Put it down

5. make a red & orange burrito sandwich.

6. Eat it.

7. complain of gastrointestinal discomfort

8. Run To the Toilet.

sara *fall in love
*have him fall in love with me
*figure out the meaning of life
*lose 10 pounds
*discover a cure for cancer
*act in a play
*learn to play guitar
*bail my head off in front of people *and not care
*stop making lists
silentbob i keep making these to do lists and nothing gets crossed out 030128
the lonely hand hunter MASTURBATE 030128
ItGirl I made a to do list... and you aren't on it... 030707
birdmad *take shower
*get to work
*drive another staple into forehead
*pull staple out)
*work some more
*come home
*go back to sleep
*repeat as necessary
Bizzar -make it through the next 3 months of school
-Pass the CMA exams
-Get a decent job
-Save someone's life
-Save my own life
-Move into my own place
-get married and have kids
-Keep myself alive until they have kids.
x 1) break 030708
Toxic_Kisses kissing_in_the_rain

Watch the_best_movies_you_havnt_seen

my_life_in_15_years_time - start setting long term goals

Find myself

Make dinner ^.^
stork daddy and you're on it. right between costco run and nap. 031229
homer simpson [screams]
i have a to do list?
mon begin to breathe




lose my language
♣ me like a baby seal all i'm saying is if i can't be on it then i'd be happier not having to know about those who are 040419
gwendy kiss more 040520
phil priorities 040521
p2 1) HDTV Program Splitter (almost done)
2) HDTV Program Patcher
3) Blatheresque
stork daddy i don't want to make one for this week, for soon this week will be gone. and the days like the paper
will save traces be discarded.

i am ready to discard them now, while it still can be done intently.
methinx To do list:

Learn to:
Knitt a sweater
Read brail
Read sign language
Hot wire a car
Do that whole "Fire from heaven" thing
Make that green mormon jello salad with the veggies, you know the one.
Hit on chicks in at least 10 different languages

A telemarketer who will talk to me for over an hour on the phone about nothing in particular
A devil
Someone with the same name as a famous person they aren't related to
My future wife, and our wonderful children

Watch porn with Elesa.
Live with my horse in the forests of Japan as a hermit
Break up with someone in an airport terminal
Serve a mission
Fall madly in love(reciprocated)
Make a lot of really stupid mistakes, learn from them
Help my fellow man
Make an impact on people, be remembered
Grow really really old
Tell the same story to my grandkids at least 5 times
Live happily ever after
-> u24_projects 051214
nom eat supper
wash laundry
watch masterpiece theatre
clean room
take it from there
what's it to you?
who go