Q Aren't grape juice together with wheat thins almost the same as uncooked jesus fish?

Nobody has told me otherwise, and I think I learned this about the time I learned West Allis was not even a tiny fraction of the universe.

Forget it, I've converted to vegetarianism, even though I often get into the kitchen too late to make it to weekend services.

(Sorry, really, if this causticism offends everyone. Anyone, though, should laugh a moment between evaporations but please, of please, stop before starting the next one.)
Q "I need my spectacles, damn it"! shouted the priest while doling out communion.

In the preceding blathe, "please, of please" = "please, oh pleaase"

Is the column affixed to the flask yet?
Tess bane 000122
me we may have the same last name, but i refuse acknowledge your existance. 000330
ashley ha! you can't see it. but we're the same. when you fucked me, you fucked yourself over. 001019
Barrett Ashley?
Did we ever date?
like rain. it feels like we are when we are pulled tightly to each other, but as soon as our arms slacken...

in her eyes, her voice, her gait...

the ghosts of my arms chasing her car as it pulls down the drive, headlights sweeping oblivion.
velvet spasm are you lee ranaldo or somethin'? 010424
melvinwang nothing is ever this way. blame it on fate, quantum mechanics, whatever 010504
ClairE Anthony says everyone is the same. He thinks that things are less complicated than people make them out to be. That words are a hindrance to communication. I think no one can truly communicate, and I get drunk on words.
He tells me not to worry. I call him "dude".
anti-social butterfly you and i are not the same. we may have been right for each other at some point, but now we are clearly not. i was so sad when we started to grow apart, when you told me you didn't love me anymore or you weren't sure that you ever did. it broke my heart. perhaps i will always love you deep deep down. but i don't really think i am in love with you anymore. when i was with you sunday night i realized it. for the first time i didn't want to be with you, not at all. and so we are not the same and we are not right for each other at this time. it is not sad at all, not anymore. we just aren't meant to be. maybe i should have seen this earlier. why did you drag me along? why did you give me hope? well, i am finally over you. i never thought this day would come. oh happy day! =) 011127
spap oop as it ever was

the one its the same shit different day, when i go to the 'corner' and i dont want to talk to anybody who is there. and all i want is to just see my old friends who were the embodiment of 'cool'. we were the coolest kids at school and everybody wanted to hang out with us but noone was quite 'cool' enough. i miss being able to just walk down the street and get invited to every party imaginable and just go. just go from place to place like we owned them all.
i miss that. This place is not the same. its worse.
Ernie & Bert: Mahayana: Zakah: *sings*

which one of these looks like the other
which one of these looks just the ...
ladybird time, same place 020715
speechless same place, same space, same time, same guy, same life, same same.....ever just feel ur playin the waitin game for when it won't all just be the same! 030219
jesjmeshughes It's all the same, never changing. Cold steel never seemed so releasing before. The closest I'll ever get to breaking through. 050508
find 2 people who are exactly
find a person whos completely fake
niecespieces I read others tales
and realize
that maybe
I am the same
It wasn't that harsh

I guess I just have to get over things
I guess I just have to not feel broken over men, over life, over sex
I guess I have to let it all go
I'm getting there, but really, I don't see how everyone can get past their soul being crushed

I'm just the same.
what's it to you?
who go