Dafremen This word was missing from this page too. Could it be that in blather's missing words can be found clues to what is missing from our beliefs? In our values? Lacking in our societal opinion?

INVESTMENTS (In our people and their character. When do we break the cycle and start making them? If not us...WHO? If not now...WHEN?)

DIVIDENDS (Dividends that we will only be able to reap as seniors, if at all..through our grandchildren. Too far off for most of us to even imagine. Screw it...huh?)

REVERENCE (for life, for each other's beliefs, for the sanctity of childhood that SHOULD exist..but doesn't because there's too much sugar and plastic to be sold so that our dollars can continue to have value. Too many marriages to break up so that the Christmas lists are loaded with the offerings of guilt stricken divorcees who are too busy "on the scene" or "workin' that career". Right on! You go girl!)'s "BLEW." (Can't BELIEVE noone picked that one up yet.)

And there's DEVIOUSLY..definitely enough of that going around these days.

Ok, so this was all just another big blather_coincidence. And we all know.."you can't blame it on the blue..that'd blame it on you." We can't have any of can we? Then we'd have to admit that this stupid empty way of living has FAILED. We simply cannot do that...because as you might have noticed (unless you're reading this later in the day today), we've never said anything under the word FAILED either. Noone ever wants to talk about the depressing stuff anymore...they just want to escape from it. They are so ALONE that they run into the arms of HATE, SEX (you'll have to look up F**K for yourself) which they confuse with LOVE..(sometimes they even ASK_SILENTBOB to do the honors..)..and of course, some escape from its consequences through ABORTION..or so they think. They escape into DRUGS, they CUT themselves. Some take up dieting to look more BEAUTIFUL..because they feel FAT and that's why they feel that they are ALONE. Some turn to SUICIDE because they feel it is the only way out. Some escape to the BIBLE..GOD..LIFE and find peace and comfort there, others find theirs in BLATHER, their MP3_COLLECTION. It seems some prefer to remain CLUELESS..that too, in it's blissful an escape.

Perhaps it's not so coincidental after all that those are some of the LONGEST blathers here. Then again, so are most of the one's that I've written or been a part of. I guess it COULD mean that we're in this disease together..huh?

Like a very smart guy once said.."to what are our souls moored?" OR something like that. When do we find something in which to believe and be fulfilled by? When do we give that to our children and their the future? If not now..WHEN? If not us..WHO?
Dafremen could I have been so forgetful?!

How could it have slipped my mind that we are a society quickly becoming devoid of worthwhile BELIEFS and VALUES.
(They did not exist in blatherspace at the time of this blathe.)

I must be getting old...
oldephebe profundo!
yeah Daf i said that and i'm still plaintively asking that of myself and my kid and nieces and nephews and really anyone i encounter..Are our souls moored to anything more than just the immediacy and expediancy of getting over and compensatory gestures to shor up those gaping lapses of parenthood, or personhood, or compassion?..fill in the blanks..or shoot some of your own..

i hope folks will read this beyond these waning hours or is it early hours..this is the time..wherein in the clarity and cleaness of darkness that the soul beckons up and out of it's well of yes i hope folks will happen upon your words and masticate upon them for a little while.

i know it sure gave me somthing to think about -

let's consider, shall we a renovation of our inner chamber eh? spiritual enema and all that..

I'll be sorry to see you go daf..shame i didn't get the chance to know you beyond these blue borders, that might have been kind of cool

Dafremen Funny how this ended up ALL the way at the bottom of yesterdays column huh? Well, not so much funny as strange.. Actually not so strange as predictable, I guess. 030914
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