sabbie and i went to turn on the tap to nightwater the garden and on the side of the drain was this amazing slug longer than my middle finger and this perfect tapered shape with these amazing brown and black lepoard markings just mooning itself on the bricks and i crouched in amazement to examine and admire its slick glossy body further.

when i had finished with the slug then i turned on the tap and walked towards the hose. out on the lawn the nossle was making this arcing fountian of water stretching up from the grass arching over the lawn and landing like kids leaping from a diving board into the crazy green bush. as i picked up the hose it changed to the misty kind that i use to water.

i watered the violet in the rusty bucket first and noticed that the venusflytrap was growing again after completly dying back twice in about 12 months. i wonder if we should start worshipping it, i mean, 3 times in a year, thats a better record than jesus! i glance at the black terricotta pot my gave us for christmas and think that that is prolly the pot for the VFT.

i water the side garden, notcing the mystery rose is doing well and is budding again. the mystery plant is almsot my height and has these crazy spiked balls on it that look like pincushions as well as these pumpkin like flowers. novembers dad said it was a weed and we should pull it out but what is a weed? a weed is a plant that is growing somewhere someone doesnt want it to, and im happy for it to grow there.

i water the little cluster of potplants. the parsley is dying, i really have to drill holes in the kickass big 60s saucepan i found to plant stuff in. i think plants drown otherwise. the cherry tomato has yet another bright red mouthfull of happiness on it, that plant is doing so well! the bottom leaves are dying, someone suggested we should replant it, but not while its fruiting, so we leave it and hope and it rewards our faith with little red presents.

the geranium has flowered since i was last out here, which is crazy since i was out here doing yoga in the sunshine on the bricks this morning, but then i was facing the other way, and the night holds pleasentries that the day can not see. a great big red flower and it reminds me of my grandmother, who gave us the plant. its one of her favorites.

the corn stand tall in the dark, as tall as me ever buddingbuddingdbudding with corn. we picked one a while ago but it wasnt ripe. becclebee made the same mistake at her house and said she put hers on the windowsill to ripen. we tried that but it withered instead. but there is no sadness in a garden, everything that dies adds to natures compost heap and so we chucked it back. it was too little, so we chucked it back to swim free in the compost heap with the neon green potatoes and the brown wilty carrots.

and i turned off the hose and went inside singing.
minnesota_chris thank you sabbie! 020317
Mahayana __tips_4_parsley_n_kickass_60s_pans___ 020317
daxle I have some untimely advice- the venus fly traps, if not already, should not be in soil- they need to be in peat moss for they come from peat bogs, and never never fertilized.
the spikey ball thing sounds like the genus Marah, which is related to cucumbers (which is why the flowers look pumpkiney) and don't kill it please! if you haven't already...
your garden sounds beautiful... I'm glad you enjoy it.
sabbie darling daxle

i would never pretend
that i am a nature god
holding life and death in my hands
in the form of gloves and a spade.

who am i to decide what lives
and what dies in my garden?

i welcome with open arms everythng that wants to come and live in my backyard
and i cheerfully wave goodbye to those
who curl up
and leave for somewhere else.

my garden is an old hotel
populated by residents
and one-night-standers
and i am merely the conceierge.

i have not the authority
to decide
who leaves
who dies
and who stays.

between meals
they work it all out for themselves
what's it to you?
who go