hsg life for the sake of art is happiness.

life for the sake of science is unknown.

happiness is awake and emits love, constantly expressing anomalies.

grasping desperately onto fear death is stuck in pattern, so easily danced_around and toyed with in its sleep.

breaking into the unknown with courage, one does not feel the need to own it, to kill it, to UNDERSTAND it. letting it be, sitting quietly in perfect awe, a viablessing in anomaly surfaces.
amy hsg -- i do like your experiments with language and i also like your more conventional writing, like this entry. you are very wise, and i hope you only get moreso. i do worry that you get too much sun, in Arizona. if I had full experimental control I would move you to London. but alas there are limits to the experiment. you probably do better in a sunny clime anyway. heck, i would probably do better in a sunny clime, although i would probably stay inside all the time. 090612
hsg a viablessing in anomaly surfaces. ..

a viable blessing in anomalies:
your face IS a reflection.

completely humbled you see your beauty.

judgment is ugly ;-( it cannot last :-)

play in beyond
mirrors the
rest of view
hsg i can't
derstan ding.

i wonder if London'd like me... after having done what I did withat poor English bitch. I mean, YEARS of grooming by grammar_addicta_maticians... rootwards been imbredded into their heads... nah'll stay here... maybe til't h e arth fli

p.s. besides, can't leave before arizona_bay arrives. right now it might LOOK like sand. but just you wa it'll have some wate rush a shore... any. day. now...
hsg ohh! jest in case you were wondering... i kidd, about everything. all_ways. i've this terrible_infliction called humor and, well, i just can't seem to shake it (i've_tried)

what i'm trying to say is thank_you for your feedback. be it positive, negative or some other person..
and i want to apologize because i'm afraid i've laughed wolf too many times so you might not take me seriously..

b u thanks for having a sense_of_humor about it!
amy lol, way to respond. i laugh a little too much at times, especially when coping gets harder.... i admire people who can maintain their gravitas, because this keeps the consistency in the situation.

laughing about it all can increase one's ability to cope, whereas gravitas can increase one's compassion. a balancing act if there ever was one.
h_s_g "maintain their gravitas, because this keeps the consistency in the situation."

Which is where we differ. Acim defines a miracle as a shift_in_perception. I agree. Situations do_not change. reality, well, it_is_what_it_is. hsg_rave_it_as_funny because it's the humor_paradox_change that is compassion.
my point is to make_fun_of a mode_of_perception.
thisn'to mistake a person for their situation nor is it to mistake a person for how they perceive. but if it isn't fun let's mess with it.
SeeI'llaughYou might even think i'm laughing at you, but wit enough creativity there's entrainment, my netism.
i can manage to
win_you_over to
my side until
we're both laughing
at i_t.'imeless technique,
mores open to technique.

i keep seeing an image of a smiling oldsoulaughing at a Face th at first was hurthen angryetrusting. all the pain was based on the face not knowing who He was and holding onto a fear that who He thought He was not could be threatened. and He'd be right. but He couldn't hold_on_forever because it hurt so didn't last. and the Face changed to another and another. (The old_soul could only keep laughing.) No Face could last until He lethem go. and they let him go. and he begin to smile at the oldsoul because finally
he remembers who he is:
one who brings miles to distant places
one who bring smiles to unknown faces

i can only make_fun_of a
grave it ass_Face
o_t_h_e_r_w_a_y_s i_t'all dies.
amy well, what i was saying is that there is a range of responses, and a duality to each response, and most of them are, for the most part, welcome. my humour is probably considerably drier than yours, so we might be running up against a false conflict here. gotta love the false conflicts, and the mock oblivions, and all that fun stuff that comes out of the wires going every which way in the ole noggin... (of course i'm not advocating complete and total order, my room is verifiably a mess on all occasions.) 090615
hsg i DO like dry humor.. i don't always recognize it tho :-( 090630
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