Mahayana today in the northern hemisphere at 2:16 p.m. Eastern time

[{may your life, soul, and happiness grow anew, with the rest of mother natures creatures}]
birdmad equinox

night and day

Xipe_totec as the spring

new life bursting forth from the old
Syrope ...and with it brings promises of better days...longer days, longer kisses, longer naps, and longer dreams...something in me is excited, something that i've ignored for a long time. for the first time in a long time im crying not out of anger or despair...it feels good. 020320
grendel spring is really the first half of a six month summer here where i am.

by the end of this week it will be 90F

the first hundred plus degree day will likely fall before the middle of April

it will not be cool again until early october

this means i have work to do before the seasonal hellfire comes raining down.

checking motors and pumps and seals and ducts and all the squeaky little details

i would leave

but i belong here


where else am i gonna go?
kerry and the trees turn purple
and it gets warm and the birds chirp
and i start sweating because its so damn hot in the school
reitoei the best season. warm but not hot. agonizing towards the end. to sit in the last few weeks of class in late spring is so hellish. and this year school doesnt get out til my birthday. later and later every year.

soft spring green grass, springy under my feet. a cool breeze, warm sunshine, a bit of rain.
pushpins spring arrives
wearing spiky red hair
and a jaunty smile.
he hugs me and kisses me in a panicked
flirty way about ten, fifteen times
on my right cheek
in 1.6 seconds
a hyper sort of happy pecks.
spring arrives
bouncing with elation.

...no wait...
that was Nimai.
unhinged with grey skies
and snow
good people it snowed here, too. where are you from, unhinged? 020321
good people it snowed here, too. where are you from, unhinged? 020321
unhinged youngstown ohio

good people o, im in colorado 020330
josie i think i might plant some daffodils this father's day.. 020826
IWishICouldGoWithDavid God, I wish it were really as easy as just clicking... 021215
misstree filled with the excitement and possiblity of impending spring. lunch break without a coat. sunny skies, beautiful breeze. the world is about to come alive again, and it's taking me with it. soon delicate green explosions and yawps of rebirth will rattle every windowpane.

(is it officially the 20th again? always? temporally challenged, i am.)
minnesota_chris and I thought you were a pagan!

tears up your pagan membership card
misstree i'm a pagan?
i guess i might have been way back in the day...
but, pagan being specifically countrified, earthy religions, and my particular bent being quite a bit more modern (aka originated sometime in the 50's, at least the "religion" i lay claim to),

guess i musta just forgotten that thing was in there.
don't touch the goth card, though,
i need that for undercover work.
(it's everywhere you want to mope, you know.)

and i go to boulder
to see mountains for the first time
and a new place for the first time
and my playmate's love for the first time
(the person, not the concept)
and all signs are pointing
to the next week
throwing fireworks
of a most interesting order.
freedom and i can't wait to use my new map to explore new trails
and walk through meadows full of spring blossoms with the mountains as a backdrop, and hear the trickling of water as the snow and ice melts and rivers flow strong once again
birdmad bringing all of its subtle and not-so-subtle torments to bear

what's it to you?
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