misstree events on friday left me shaking with rage, going home, and passing out. the next day i walked to a friend's house first thing after waking (no phone), smoked, relaxed, ranted, told my story, and made peace with the hellish night. *big sigh of relief*

after pouring out the bad water, turned my attention to the tele, where a horse race was playing out... they're captivating, at times... it was an exceedingly tight race for all the horses but one, who was butt-to-nose ahead of all of the others. it won, of course. it was number 5.

now, the law_of_fives is a deep part of my foma, and when paired with aleatoric_concinnity it's like seeing the curtain rustle and knowing big_momma eris is wiggling her finger in things. though she does play rough, in the end she lurves me, so this is a comforting thing. i babbled all this to the other person in the room, we chatted a minute.

another contented sigh, the badness of the previous night chased away, and my eyes found the tele again while my mind set itself to drift. barely a second later, words appeared on the screen:

the golden_apple awards.

i died laughing. see it as you will, but in my world, over and over, big_momma pokes at me, and gives me no room to doubt that she's poking at me. later on i was contemplating my tendency to optimism, because it's how i stay wise and brave and happy and free... the skeptic in me spoke up, and reminded me that that's my foma; my harmless untruths; but i must remember that they are untruths.

then four words came to mind. the golden_apple awards.

and i laughed again, helplessly, because i don't know why or how or exactly what to make of it, i just know that there Is, and it has a cheshire_grin.

yup yup.
misstree oh. mooji_moo would be the name of the horse. 040125
marked . 040126
Lemon_Soda I went to the store yesterday and decided I'd like some sake. As I was about to take the bottle from the shelf I saw in my mind it falling out of the bag and crashing into a pile of wasted alchohol and green glass in my driveway, out in the snow. I ignored it and bought the sake. When i got home, i dropped the bootle out of the bag when I removed it from the car and it broke, just as my vision had foretold.

I need to start listening more.
Lemon_Soda Oh, yay, the reason I was going to post here...

The Lady I live with was watching horse races in the living room when I came home saturday from work...and the race i saw as I passed was the very one you described...weird huh?
high5 if a=1, b=2, etc., and you add m+o+o+j+i+m+o+o, you get 13+15+15+10+9+13+15+15 = 105, which is divisible by 5, thus the law_of_fives is preserved 040126
misstree there is also the consideration of the number of letters; five in the first, three in the second, two words... 5, 2, 3...

and i'm surprisingly unsurprised that you caught the same race... there's joujou thick as whipped cream in flying pies in the air right now, as briefly essplained in ask_use24_2... i thought the coins would have fallen by now, but they have not... eris has taken to waiting until i am utterly confused about a situation, being utterly unsure as to why things are taking the paths they are and just about given up on the Rightness of the universe, until the twist endings come through and the audience leaps to their feet to applaud. concern is very much rising in the little_tree, but what can i do but shrug and play my part?

it's nice of Her to let me know she's hanging about, though. makes the missing Important Things a bit more tolerable. a bit.
book of eris yoink! 040126
Lemon_Soda After the sa'ke incident we three who live in the doghouse(as I so aptly named it)turned on the tele and some cop drama was on where the whole episode was about these two guys quitting drinking...the proximity of time was too close for comfort..., as I have seen enough weird shit(not magic, but WEIRD SHIT) to completely believe in you, hello and thanx for the heads up. Think I'll stick to only half a bottle of UV BLue at a time.
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