Starbuck Perhaps the greatest metal band ... EVER! 990914
kr8 hella dank. 991028
nameless the son of my mother's husband's favorite band 000121
MollyGoLightly down with werewolf music!

up with napster!
The Schleiffen Man i found a website that rocks but since molly has no sound, she can't use it. 000531
silentbob rock on molly
napster is my friend but i can't connect to it anymore.

metallica gained their name through free demo tapes passed among fans.
and now their popularity was being passed around through free computer sound files. suddenly, they're against the idea of losing money they don't have. when did they become all about money? it's not like people didn't know it was their music they were downloading. i don't really have as much respect for them.
birdmad Hell, i started losing respect for them as soon as they started letting Bob Rock produce their albums 000617
The Schleiffen Man 000617
For sure! this band or what have you. they got some people banned from napster. surely not I way....yeah that's right! not that i don't love their music it's just......why me?! I mean, them! them that got banned! 000712
nocturnal yeah, I used to think they were pretty cool until they got all bitchy and screwed napster over. that was NOT cool! if you ask me, they started the whole anti-napster movement which is a real shame because napster is life. how pathetic is that? okay, maybe it's not life, but still, it's awesome music for free. you can't beat that. 010212
silentbob actually they did beat it by making you suddenly have to pay for it.
they beat it and they beat it hard.
shawn fanning is probably puking his guts out somplace
nocturnal hmmm, sounds like you're defending their greed? not that I'm saying cheap people like myself aren't being greedy by taking whatever we can get for free while bands miss out on their hard-earned profits, but I think the average Napster user has a much greater need to be cheap. bands like metallica have been making millions for years and they still feel the need to force their less fortunate fans to spend what little they may have so lars can get a new car? sorry, that just doesn't sit right with me. 010213
disgruntled ex metallica fan the people with the biggest gripe against napster are all part of the larger corporate music scene, big record labels who inflate the price of CD's inspite of the fact that the manufacturing cost is obscenely cheap, established artists who have become used to making larger sums of money (does anybody remember when metallica decided to ape the grateful dead and have a special section of seats set aside on one of their tours for all those fans who were into trading bootleg live tapes?)

if napster is theft, then it represents a worthwhile revenge of the consumers on price gouging media giants

it probably also helped any number of talents find small audiences who otherwise wouldn't get heard in the homogeneous major label markets or on radio which is largely run by the same mentality as the large media companies
"if the 12 to seventeen year old market doesn't eat it up, we're not touching it."

how else would you explain the success of such easily marketable and ultimately disposable acts from the partridge family all the way up to the backtreet boys and any number of short-lived kiddie pop sensations in between

my question to James,Lars and Kirk now is:

and justice for WHOM?
(remember, the early bootlegs that were TRADED AND SHARED BETWEEN FANS were what got you known in the beginning, the underground made you...will they take you back when AO-Hell-time/warner decides that it is time to put you to pasture?)
nocturnal AMEN TO THAT! 010214
User24 mmm.

metallica have been talked into their actions by their producers and advisers, let's face it. I would not have bought -any- slayer albums had I not heard them first via KaZaA, same story with My Ruin, and a good few others (in fact, all the music I've downloaded I wouldn't have bought anyway.)

not making much sense or any real point

trying to contribute to a thoughtull conversation after wandering around the blatheworld is hard. see for yourself at dh0001
User24 4 horsemen.

go listen.
shivers yeah, i know the whole napster deal, but thats not why im here
went to concert
went mad
it was good
what's it to you?
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