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valis is useless without something bland to put it on. 000326
nanny first of all... frosting can never be useless... it's wonderful... either on a cake, on cookies, on toast, on people... yummy.... or even by it's self...

but that's not my blather about frosting... this is.

so today, i decided i was finally going to decorate the ginger bread house that had been sitting on the top shelf of the book case for the past two weeks. amazingly the sides had managed to cling to one another, and didn't collapse under the weight of the gingerbread roof that i had slopped on the night after assembly began.

anyways, so i went to get out the frosting from the refridgerator to spread on the sides of this delapitated shanty of dry cookie, and the frosting was a hard as a rock. it was the kind that is supposed to harden, seeing that it is for the assembly of gingerbreak houses, i suppose i should have expected this.

So i'm rummaging through my kitchen cupboards to find some frosting, or something to make frosting of... hmm.. peanutbutter??? nah.. it would never dry, and the dog would then feel compelled to eat the gingerbread house. i managed to find a can of lemon frosting.. so the sides of my gingerbread house now look like they care covered by yellow snow.

i'm telling you... gingerbread_houses are evil, and were created to make parents (or a nanny in my case) go completely nuts as they in vain, attempt to get the house to stay together, as a child (or children in my case) sit nearby whinning "when do i get to put the candies on?"

i reply "not yet, it's falling apart."

then they ask "well since we have to wait can we eat the candies?"

"no you can't" is my typical response.

but seeing as though my hands are covered in frosting, and are fairly well stuck to the gingerbread walls, they decide that i wouldn't be able to stop them, and help themselves to the little chocolate bells, and sugary gumdrops. and all i can do is yell and scream and throw_a_fit.

Oh the insanity.

and as you can see, this story really has no point to is.. and thus is my life.
girl_jane Who needs frosting on cake when you can have strawberries on angel food cake...

I've always been fond of fruit and you.
smurfus rex if any one says to you that they hate rice cakes, even if they're good for your diet

tell them that rice cakes are not so bad

if you put enough frosting on them.
Whitechocolatewalrus When I was in junior high, I didn't have a lot of friends, but I met this girl from a different junior high one day at track practice. We were both in ninth grade, which is supposed to be high school, but yet it is still junior high. Anyway, we were both on the high school track team so we were on the same team because the next year we would both go to the same high school.

Right away, I knew she was going to be a good friend because I could say anything I wanted, such as "I wish I owned a flying pig" without her thinking I was completely psychotic and out of my mind. One day after we had become good friends, she told me that she would like me to meet her best friend. So we set up a day and everything and of course I had to have my mom drive me down to her house because I was not old enough to drive. So then we walked over to her friend's house. When we got there, she came out the front door of her lovely and fascinating dilapidated home holding this brown bag of goo. Right then I was so confused, I had no idea what that brown icky stuff could have been. For as naive as I was, I thought it was some type of crazy new drug. Yeah, it was chocolate frosting. How could I have not known? I love frosting.
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