jennifer I was once
proposed and proposed to in the dining area of Pizza_Hut
sported a $.25 plastic ring
marriages like that are supposed to last forever, seeing the doomed outlook of the beginnings
marriages like that are between best friends, both aged 5, who don't know the real meaning of true love.
marriages like that are as fleeting as a firefly, but develop into really something as the parties grow older
marriages like that are real
but $.25 doesn't buy much happiness anymore
eyeHateMe hell, child.

$.25 won't even buy a good stiff drink in most paces anymore
silentbob i got engaged to my cat once. so i dressed her up in my moms old wedding gown. i got a spanking for it. 000606
Syd Thought I, I, Thought I could sometimes be engaged in something I, I, really I don't know, just let me without me - Stay - Stay - let me stay without me, just to rest, just to rest... 001010
startfires ...." concieved in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great Civil War, testing whether that nation, or any nation, so conceived and so dedicated can long endure"... 001010
tourist Wheels of meshed teeth turning together, but not nesessarily making the same number of revolutions. One driving the other possibly faster or with more torque depending on the ratio between them. Getting the work done. 001115
Madame Justine I loved him.
He loved me.
We were engaged.
It meant so much to me.
I thought it meant so much to him too.
Now we've split up.
He finished with me tonight.
It's over.
I still love him.
He still loves me.
That's why he's doing this.
I don't see any logic in that.
Madame Justine I don't want to be his best friend. I want to be his life. I want to be everything to him. I want him to love me like I love him.
How could he suggest we should be best friends? How could he split up with me and say we should be best friends. I don't even think I can face him again.
I need all or nothing. I can't take the bits and pieces of himself that he's willing to give me. I need him so much I just want to die.
I would kill myself if I didn't think there was a chance that one day we might be back together.
I can barely even think without him though. I'm never going to get through this.
He doesn't understand. I've never told him how I feel. I know I should. But it's too late now.
I love him so much.
I need him.
I can't stop crying. He always hurts me like this.
sUpersLutstAr i aM.... aNd thiS tAttoo oN my fingEr prOves iT... bUt his loVe foR me is whAt mAkes it reAl... 010829
unhinged i'm engaged to my fucking classes this semester. jesus christ. 010829
Syrope i remember attending those kindergarten weddings, but i wasnt much into boys (they had cooties)...
i always have guys mention the fact that they would never marry me. im like "gee thanks" but it doesnt really bother me...i wouldnt marry them either...just still...why does that need to be verbalized? if i mention marriage its just me foolin around, but its unprovoked from all but one guy...creepy
jessicafletcher i got engaged. it wasn't a mistake. but i still am glad i decided not to marry him. it wasn't a running away at the altar decision. he just wouldn't have been a good husband. but ryan and i are considering it in a different more intelligent light. as in there's no way in hell we're gonna do it til we have money to survive on. my parents fight about money. i can't let that happen. we can fight over what color mercedes to buy for our cat. 030403
megan he asked and i answered.
i love him. he has to go, he joined the army. i have another year of school.
i look down at the ring on my finger and feel different somehow, all of a sudden i have no idea what my future looks like. i just know that i will be with him. and that's enough for now.
To Megan you are not alone. there are so many groups of wonderful, supportive women (and men) who are left behind at various stages of relationships. i recommend you search for military significant other support and immerse yourself in a community. it is so helpful - this is coming from personal experience. i wish you all the best. 100708
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