vicious I long to block out the visions that assalt my soul with a vengance 000107
lotusflower i see my future through a peep-hole
big enough for my eye to see
the beginning path so green
with the end far beyond
and the journey in between.

yet my vision is hindered
by obstructive trees,
the branches of what-if's and
what-could be's.
camille heart and soul gathering pieces of self that it wants to see. 000219
poptart i noticed a couple of weeks ago that i now see constant visual noise. continual movement. i only used to notice it when i was sleep deprived. my friends tell me that the world is not smooth and that they have stranger visual weirdness.

i noticed it after i ended the eternal 420.

vague snowy moving


it's much worse in the dark.

i don't notice it so much in the outdoor daylight but my sleep patterns are shot so i don't see daylight much. maybe my eyes are confused from seeing so little sun. i remember a time when my vision was clear and smooth.
Brad I have never done any drugs in my life, and i sometimes see visual images when playing or listening to music. 000401
Brad I have never done any drugs in my life, and i sometimes see visual images when playing or listening to music. 000401
grasshopper brad, these are for you:

ever heard of synesthesia? sounds like you have it. do you think your brain is more evolved or broken? or neither?
deb there is a vision of you
always with me-
today, it's of you, smiling dowm
at a child in your arms
as you tell the perfect new girl
you're her daddy-
sometimes i see you
teaching small kids to play nice;
once, i say you
watching me at work.
but always, you are gentle,
firm, but always sweet,
and though i know it's not
i think if i just
wished enough,
you would really be there
with me

-but i don't think i deserve
who you have become-
marjorie i had glasses made.
but the left lense made my eyes see odd. they moved independently of each other. and everything was slanted
it felt as though the world was sliding through horror mirror shows
and my eyes got tired.
so easily
rubydee before i got glasses
i never knew
that trees were more than green masses
like how kids draw them

once i put the specs on
i could see the individual leaves
the variety

now one of my favorite activities
is tree identification at 60mph
on the highway
cowboy her voice, the richness, the texture. no face, no eyes, only words, and in them i find enough color that i wonder... i wonder how much more there is.

i haven't the vision, but if i did...
skinny i scream out loud
because i think i still have fealings
and i feel all the wrong things
i once thought they were right

How can i see
and feel a false emotion
am i wrong?
am i wrong?
i stare into the sun
Nathan Wales Belding Vision has three definitions that I can think of right now -
1. the perception an eye creates for a living being
2. a perception, perceived through an eye, that may or may not be real - but appears real to the observer
3. an idea of what something could be
nobody it is amazing that something so small can introduce such vast and amazing things.

It makes sense to me to say that everything is maya,
because to me everything is beyond belief,
the reality of being alive that is, it's total maya.

i don't see what right humans have to judge anything when our eyes are so small. If you can't choose what you hear then why should your eyes be so confident to be in control?

it would be interesting to find out what influence our individual senses have on our philosophy of life.
what's it to you?
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