firehunden solitary me
a simple guy
a life to love?
i live a lie
when we met
she smiled at me
i fell for her
i was a fool
in love and life
but now i know
through pain and strife
not to trust
and not to give
i know now
how i must live
with closed heart
and open mind
i seek the truth
and i will find
the one for me
is just like me
a free spirit
with eyes that see
the truth in others
lies exposed
no space to share
no lines imposed
the one for me
is somewhere there
wandering searching
a sight so fair
my only one
she is the key
to fill the gap
the hole in me
kx21 There are billions of holes of various sizes in You.

Which is the hole you actually referred to?
xipe totec oh dear kx21

are you familiar with metaphors and figures of speech?

are you flesh?
are you machine?
are you construct?

such denseness is unbecoming
kx21 I see holes everywhere, in me and outside me...

Moreover, any hole comprises a String of millions of tiny holes and billions of super tiny holes, as much as motes of dust in U and drops of water in the Ocean...
kx21 And metaphors and figures of speech are constructed to be associated with one or more holes in U.... 010225
kx21 Is it true that

there are too few metaphors and figures of speech to colour all the holes in U, in particular the_hole_in_me?
firehunden hey kx21....

why don't you go define yourself

I am speaking metaphorically, of course.

a true hole, by the way does not comprise of anything, it is a void or a lack of presense under a given circumstance or understanding. An understanding which obviously you fail to comprehend or understand.
or maybe you do understand, and you decide to post a futile attempt self betterment at the expense of another, either way, you, not me, has shown a lesser form of maturity...

but who am i to preach....i don't even care if you listen
kx21 One can never find a true hole or void in U. Something is in there...


firehunden once again you missed the metaphorical part....

or is it that you just enjoy seeing your own words....


maybe there is a hole in you....
firehunden between your ears 010227
kx21 And also your ears,

which is proven by Scientist...


probably a miraculous design from GOD....
the repeater "Music is your own experience, your own thoughts, your wisdom.
If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn.
They teach you there's a boundary line to music.
But, man, there's no boundary line to art."

Charlie Parker
kx21 Uncountable holes in music, boundary line, and everything else.... 010517
kx21 Proof:-

Each hole / pause contains unlimited smaller holes / pauses...
kx21 As to each dot / string contains unlimited smaller dots / strings... 010517
god charlie_parker
(speaking of the hole)
unhinged i think it's scabbing over 010521
unhinged damnit...all this worry ripped the scab right off. damn bleeding heart... 010521
like rain. is filled minute by minute as i listen to her static silence over the phone and breeze from the fan ruffles my hair. 010522
baby satan to avoid holes in you, stay away from shotguns and sharp objects. 010812
kx21 And HOLE is the most Amazing Entity or String or Structure , the door for you & Anybody to access & connect to Everybody & everything else in the Universe(s) or U_whole...

Copyright 2001.
baby satan actually, while i'm sure holes help when attempting to connect to someone or something else, i just like to grab onto people/things and see if they resist. i prefer people to things. 010812
kx21 Tell me how can I
grab onto people/things without a Hole in between ...
they live inside of my head All my oil is leaking out onto the street. I wonder, if someone threw a match on it, would I burn up, like in that Radiohead video? Please don't try it, just in case. 011015
Sonya the sullen feline the hole in me
always to be
within my heart
a solemn part
the hole in me
always to be
within my mind
i yearn to find
my true soul mate
with whom i relate
and give my love
far up above
the hole in me
always to be
you that I see
what's it to you?
who go