Q sure, some days i just want to shave my head shining bald, go down to speakers' square on campus, and give a rousing 12.5 minute speech at high noon on the benefits for all of not fighting any more and just giving into desire, lust, and voting for Ralph Nader. most days, though, i'd rather wear a wool hat that says "Hard Rock - Jakarta" and take my solar-powered, satellite-connected laptop to my ice-fishing shanty to work on my treatise "Shakespeare in the Age of the Internet," write poetry, blathe at least once each week day and twice on weekend days, and catch a perch and tell it "Perch, thy name is bass." before throwing it back in to nearly freeze until summer. 000228
LiamFanTank once liam and i were in new york and he went up to one of those religious nuts that stand with their pa system and he said, "do you know that jesus christ is our lord and saviour? have you let jesus into your life? bless you my brother..." i laughed so much i nearly peed myself... 000915
phil there are things that are good and then there are things that are bad.

standing in the snow for a day, and loosing both your legs to frostbite.. is bad.

eating a pizza.. is good.

forgetting to check what was wrong with your car last time you drove it.. is bad.

s^? 0 im 3ld!.. is bad

forgetting to shave your face.. is good.

having sex on the first date.. is good.

losing your virginity in prison.. is bad.

losing your virginity the day before the trial to your hot female lawyer.. is good.

raping your lawyer.. is bad.

losing your teeth after a near fatal plane crash.. is bad.

dying in a near crash.. is bad.

flipping out and slicing your wrists and yelling they are all gonna die and attacking the stewardess in a near crash plane.. is bad.

feeding rabbits cheesy poofs.. is bad.

feeding dogs rabbits.. is good.

getting lost in the jungle or being exposed to extreme desert climates.. is bad.

teeth decay.. is bad.

using a large amount of dental floss.. is good.

Some things can be both good OR bad depending on the situation, these include many action verbs such as:

Some things are also good OR bad, in the noun category, mostly depending on their condition, this will consist of many adverbs, such as:
lucky OR unlucky

Some conditions are always good, some conditions are always bad.
(in no discernable order)

Some things are beyond the realm of good and bad, things which we will not discuss.
This concludes the discussion of things that are good and things that are bad.
adjectives not adverbs 030226
mathieu All speeches are useless. Are you still reading ? 040412
FA113N If I'm honest, I watch Grey's Anatomy for the love stories, and the speeches.

Some of them are pure poetry. The one currently repeating itself in my head is this:

"I lied. I'm not out of this relationship. I'm in.

I'm so in, it's humiliating because here I am begging.


Ok here it is: Your choice, it's simple: her or me.

And I'm sure she's really great... But Derek, I love you.

In a really really big, 'pretend to like your taste in music, let your eat the last piece of cheese cake, hold a radio over my head outside your window', unfortunate way that makes me hate you, love you.

So pick_me. Choose_me. Love_me."

-Grey's Anatomy Season 2, Episode 5 "Bring The Pain"
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