joy and mike i hit a duck with my truck
it sucked
Rainer satelite safety tip #4
if you see a bright stripe in the sky, duck.
jen fuck a duck 990303
emma yuck. 990303
jennifer tough luck, chuck 000108
valis it's a test of maturity when you hear the word duck. do you drop and roll to the ground in fear or casually look 'round for some chinese? 000108
marjorie How to sculpt a duck: First, do not eat the duck. Use a duck as a model, not as your dinner. Second, wait, you can eat the duck. If you really know how to sculpt, you could just turn on public television to one of those cheap shows with weird animals on it... or to the one with the guy who always wears khaki shorts.. then you could just draw a duck and sculpt it. Granted, it wouldn't be nearly as realistic, but at least you'd have your duck sculpture and your dinner. 000214
girl duck



datura now, i am going to tell a very bad joke.


a guy was given a duck by his father and told to go to a particular house with it. he knocked on the door of the house and a seductively dressed woman opened it. she was a prostitute with a duck obsession. he paid her the duck and they had sex. afterwards, she said, 'that was the best sex i've ever had. i'll give you the duck back if we can do it again.' so they did.

he was pretty happy as he headed for home. so happy that he didn't see the car that was coming straight for him. he managed to get away, but the duck didn't. the driver came out and gave him a dollar because he felt bad.

when he got home, his father asked him how his day was.

'fine,' he said. 'i got a fuck for a duck, a duck for a fuck, and a buck for a fucked-up duck.'
god big ear 010130
green_tenedril low bridge, everybody down! 010408
Devious1 Where can a duck live when virtually any natural water property is sought for by the wealthy. And hunters pay to have these places protected but yet called an animal killer? Quit putting dye in the golf course ponds greedy yuppies 011027
pat sajak duck_skeletons 011028
duckypoo rubber ducky you're the one
you make bathtime so much fun....
Noukie Daffy Duck!!!!!!!!!! 020403
~gez~ 1. watch out for the fridge which about to fall on your head in a cartton style , "DUCK!"
2. there were two ducks sitting on a pond . one said "quack" and the other replied "aww i wanted to say that"
*LB* duck duck goose

wot a shit game, if u want a gud game play the NOODLES game!!
Insomniduck I like ducks too. 021218
p2 duck sauce
is not made of duck
what a rip-off
p2 as the mallard
smashed into my face
i wondered if he meant
"duck (get down)!"
"duck (watch out for the bird)!"
either way
i shoulda listened
instead of turning
and responding with
"quack quack"
ethereal yellow the duck was.
he quacked.
i smiled.
he waddled.
i waddled.
he flew.
i sighed.
bye duck.
yellow disappeared into the sun.
that's the day the sun turned yellow.
when the duck flew, flew, flew.
out into the big old blue.
Borealis BANG!!!!!

poor duck
ethereal i think that if i didn't love you i would HATE you. 040225
thieums To the duck : if you're looking for your beak, please ask the platypus. 040413
misstree i'm about to throw something heavy at you 040414
jezebell i have a friend who grew up in minnesota. so i was of course skeptical to begin with, but then he told me that as kids instead of 'duck duck goose' they played 'duck duck grey duck' GREAY DUCK? no greay duck, goose!! i mean seriously... 040419
datkeedfrmdefinyard i've always said that there is nothing quite like a good duck 041011
god nothing will ever compare to ducks. ducks fuckin' rawk ass! i wish i had some more ducks now.
note to self:
bird purchase
eklektic we took Blue Ducks - or swans, depending on how you look at it - and got on a bus for oakland. we got off at the wrong stop and had to walk into oakland. we stopped on the side of the street, across from the CVS by the university of pittsburgh and she had a drug-induced breakthrough right there on the parkinglot cement at 2:30am. we walked to the house where our friend was, went upstairs, listening to some techno and rolled. 050214
Isaou They are cute.
Unlike seagulls.
Seagulls...are not...cute...
what's it to you?
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