Toxic_Kisses I noticed ya! 020510
CRO heh! i was wondering where all these fresh posts were coming from =)

It's not likely to happen again though. It's 6:00am here, and I've got to go to bed.
Toxic_Kisses awww well Sweet_Dreams CRO ^.^ 020510
CRO hee hee. Thanks. I've had a bad week, and that cheered me up heaps.

wish there were more people like you.
TK oh don't say such things youíll make me blush! *Trys to hide the fact sheís blushing*
Any who 23's not old, I'm w/ some one whose almost 15 yrs older than I! Too bad I was naive and thought age meant maturity *Shrugz* but heís a good guy and for the most part makes me happy ^.^
CRO well that's great! as long as you're happy. too many things end in sadness (and they all seem to be expressed on blather... odd that. not as many uplifting posts)

anyways, i dunno why, but nobody has the same idea as you. The age issue is a really big thing for all the people i've met so far. which sucks, because everybody that's important to me said that the age difference won't matter if they really like you.

semms they were wrong :(
}--- Anyway ---{
someone we both thought we knew Somedays, my finger still feels naked.
But I pulled it out of it's little drawer in my jewellery box today,
and it doesn't fit anymore.

It was always a little loose,
but now my fingers have become so thin it doesn't stay on at all.
someone we both thought we knew I'd forgotten the way your name looked
etched around the inside
fucked over more than neccesary He's happy now and that's a good thing,
I'm happy now and that's a good thing.

But it's funny how long it can take for the pain to fade, and so every so often it surfaces again, despite the even longer length of time since the love died.

The more I think about it, the more I think you left me first. Prick.
And you made such a fuss when I was breaking up with you, you wouldn't let me go. For months the ties between us were still impossibly tangled, until I cut them by no longer answering your pleading and insecure emails.

Sure you still wanted my body, but you didn't NEED it, it probably just saved you from having to get out of bed and walk into the computer room.
Then my time, you were obviously getting by quite alright without seeing me, all the hours spent away from home, with your precious poota games, the time spent at home often when I was elsewhere, and still spent with your miserable poota games. Didn't need my time, evidently didn't want it either.
And you have the gaul to accuse me of ruining YOUR life.
I was too young to allow myself to be treated like that. I never want to be treated like that. If I go through 50 loves in my life time, 50 heart aches, it will be better than allowing myself to be so neglected just for the sake of comfort and familiarity.

I am happy for you, and I do care about you very much,
but there is still a tiny dark corner of me somewhere that is filled with rage and hates you intensely for making me so small.
superleni pecking strips off the clothes line,
i'd hung hopes and limitations,
dreams and deaths dyed and drying,
pegged with songs and sobs and crying.
does it ease the pain? omg I'm an awful bitch. I'm so sorry that this is going to be left here for posterity. That it happened this way at all. 100330
what's it to you?
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