flipchrist some famous or semi famous person said this is the prettiest word combination in the english language. i personally dont see anything special about it but then again i cant come up w/ anything better. 030325
pat_the_giant_bunny Drew Barrymore said so in Donnie Darko so I believe her 030325
silentbob it was funny because in the commentary, the director said, "I believe it was Edgar Allen Poe who said cellar door was the most beautiful....i disagree. i think its just.....Ok." 030325
niska lock the cellar door,

and baby...

talk dirty to me!

unhinged i opened my eyes to him
light thrown open
on a never before opened
one i had written so long ago
that the words
had been stretched thin
deceit and
lies and
hearbreak and
are we strong enough
to hold each other up?
can someone be there for me too?
so much heartbreak
so little time
knot meat
when she was a girl it was a mundane doom, at first punishment to be sent there, it soon became her room. She would go there, take off her fake tears and know they thought she was under control here.

she'd take tulips and shapes from the yards of neighbors, and she'd bend them in her dark lab, full of unseen births and unseen labors.
The world became something to hide your intentions from untill it was too late.

now moving in tumults and tips with her eyes, she looks for any plan she can devise or surmise, you ask her where she gets her time, and she'll show you, it's lying in there, decaying.

Lonliness gathers at the bottom of that stair, she's sure no one will follow her there past her stare. She has fashioned one for her head, a cellar door, whence strange smells issue forth, like christmas trees on fire.

you sought to love her and she knew you would, but she hadn't learned what you thought most people should. And so she plucked you easy as a blooming tulip to smear your shape into a shadow, too see what the most lasting sensation is in the darkness, to understand the quietest and dimest a thing can be.

she wanted to see if anything could live down there as long as she, and indeed sometimes the last remnants of a butterfly will try to break free. you can see it in a smirk, like banging at a cellar door, something trying to get out, to tell you, of all she's hidden in there, of all that waits, of how lonely always being stronger, always barely remaining is.
platonic red donnie darko is the best movie ever. i wish i was gretchen ross 030408
nomatter I have seen donnie darko too many times for my own good. 030914
celestias shadow it's a beautiful movie. however, i don't agree about poe's quote. I personally think it's quite an ugly phrase.

r3v0lut10n does it have something to do with... hum... heaven ? 040720
jane so you're telling me that neil young knew this when he wrote the needle & the damage done? 051111
Briar~Rose It is somewhat... intriguing. Odd, but still somehow beautiful, the way it flows off the tounge, through the lips.

When said in a certain way it seems exotic, like a language other than english.
what's it to you?
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