Ouroboros When I saw blather for the first time, I knew that a piece of the puzzle had arrived. An answer. I had always felt different, an outsider, and once I saw_the_blue, I changed. I felt better about my life, my choices, felt that I finally belonged somewhere. At first it was something to look forward to at the end of the day. I would race home, excited for my fingers to hit the keys, my eyes hungry for words. No one in my home knew about blather, or how I stared at the computer screen until the_small hours of the morning. Work began to loose it's glamor. My friends fell away, as night after night I rejected their calls, preferring to sit alone in my dark bedroom, froming and neverminding, blather_stalking my new blather comrades. I dreamed terrible dreams of dancing at parties with Daf, Seeds of Light and Kx21, underscores swirling around us like the mad silent music of our demise, blurring_the_edges of my vision, shrieking me awake in terror. Shaking I would crawl to the computer to choke out a pathetic and crude blathe about my emotions. I stopped leaving the house. My skin paled and body bloated from package after package of top ramen. The turning point came when I hit bottom. I had been following some skite from '02, convinced that the order of their blathes titles had a secret meaning just for me, typing a grand synopsis of how their spiritual message was a metaphor for the evolution of blather, when the power went out. All my work was lost. I came to some days later in my grandmother's house. I was smothered under blankets, unable to rise, unable to blathe in her computerless home. She informed me that I had a problem and that it was time for me to get a good look in the mirror. That's when I realize that I am a blather addict, that I'll never be able to just check on the recent page for a quick look. I'll never be able to just write one blathe about my aching heart. So that's why I'm here today. I know that my road to recovery will be long and hard, but hearing some of your stories has been inspiring. I know I'll make it. 090205
jane hi, my name is jane and i'm a blatherholic. 090205
meta meta 090205
amy addictive_personality

would rather write television shows than watch them.

schizotypy (low grade schizophrenia caused by abnormal dopamine levels)

one gigantic filter.

experiencing too much and having too few people to talk to about it.

where'd-my-friends go post-college depression.

listening frustrations/needing more time to follow what someone else says.

karma? bodhisattvitic tendencies

mercury/third house emphasis

in denial about old boyfriend (for awhile there)

looking for a cheap and easily digestible writer's workshop.

my name is amy and i always read and sometimes write at blather. although, i sure wish my name weren't amy! it's too short and naked. but boy would my parents be resentful for life if i changed it. hence, blather.

(chicken or the egg, you know?)

in the end, i think it might be just boredom, but it sometimes takes awhile to get there?
ergo 1 You shake it all about
2 You put your right foot in
3 You take your left foot out
Damn fell again! Never could do the steps in the right order.
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