unhinged for shame

he has not a page until the seventh year
for shame
andru235 at least it is here now, thanks to U-

you have made the starry night starrier
unhinged i bought a coffeetable book of his stuff when i was in like junior high i think. the self portraits and empty rooms are slowly gaining ground over the more famous landscapes. but i would love to go to nyc again because moma holds starry night in their permanent collection. the impression is only fleeting in a two dimensional reproduction. in the book i bought way back in the day, it told an interesting story about his famous amputation.

he was living with the famous french painter gaugin (you know the dirty one who painted semi-pornagraphic pictures of young taihatian (sp) girls) and the rumor was according to the author who i don't remember anymore, that van gogh had a little crush on gaugin. they were living somewhere around paris at the time like most of the 19th century impressionist artists. one day gaugin picked up and left because he was jealous of van gogh's talent, and poor vincent was so heartbroken that he loped off his own ear. since he didn't know where gaugin went, he sent it to the whores down the street. in a box tied up with a pretty bow (ok maybe not the bow part).

even if it isn't true, i could believe it.
mon uow i ache when i see his peasants' backs breaking 050312
unhinged they have a impressionist exhibit at the cleveland art museum right now; monet, renoir, degas, vangogh and matisse.

renoir, degas, and matisse don't excite me much. but the monet and van gogh...i think i'm taking arielle to see the van goghs tomorrow.
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unhinged arielle is smart. i know you think i'm biased so i will give you an example. she sleeps in my bed when she spends the night at my parents. monday night i was tucking her into bed. i have a weird cheapo reproduction of one of van_gogh's sunflowers hanging above my bed. she watches the 'baby einstein' videos. two of the titles are baby van gogh and baby monet and they use the paintings of those respective painters to teach the kids; monet is the seasons and i think van gogh is colors or shapes. she looked at the painting of the sunflowers above my bed and said 'that picture on the bed is .... van_gogh' and me and mom just looked at each other like 'how the hell does a three year old know who painted that?' and then i remembered her baby einstein videos because i've watched them with her and owen many times. i turned to her and said 'that's right arielle; van gogh painted those floors hanging ABOVE the bed' and then turned to my mom and explained that it must have been her baby van gogh video. but just the fact that she remembered where she had seen it and what it was at three years old is amazing to me. little kids have such sponge brains; you can teach a little child an amazing amount of knowledge. i think it's funny that she confuses her prepositions when she talks because other than that she speaks very well. that and she has her own little arielle language that gets interjected for a few words here and there especially when she's excited.

yes, i love that child. i have her placed on such a high pedestal and she knows it. i fear her teenager years slightly though. she has the makings of becoming the exact kind of girl i intensely disliked in high school. haha. i'm trying to get to her while she's young to prevent that from happening.
peyton i'm glad i can see
i'd be without an ear
and you know
thieums I cut my ear
But it's really my eyes
I wanted to gouge out
what's it to you?
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