ClairE doesn't really = ClairE.

But she'd like to think so.
silentbob Let's take an indepth look at the band MxPx.

Starting with the lyrics to punk rawk show.

we ain't go no place to go
so let's go to the punk rock show
darling take me by the hand
we're gonna see a punk rawk band

notice the intricate spelling of the word, "rawk." What does this mean? Could it be an underground mass hysteria? A disgusting calmn falling over an empty crowded room?

We go further.

The song "I'm Ok, You're OK"

is this a false sense of hope or just a rip-off of yuppy literature?

"What's going on tonight? Is everything alright?
I hope that nothing's wrong. I haven't seen youin so long.

I'm away, you're here to stay and I'm away and you're ok
You're here to stay and I'm away, you're here to stay and I'm ok"

Notice how repitition is key.

Delving further...

Do Your Feet Hurt.

"Can I call you sweetheart or even baby doll?
If I had your number, you'd be getting a phone call"

Pay attention to the number of times a reference to the telephone is made.

Move to Bermerton:

"When I meet a special girl
She always lives somewhere else in the world
I don't want to call her on the phone
I wanna talk to her when I'm at home"

Doing Time.

"I remember times I had
some were happy, some were sad
memories me and my partners in crime
throwing up a thousand times
I got through it, I feel fine
I went to school and did my time
In a sense I'm out, in a sense I'm free
to be what I wanna be"

"I never did homework after school
did all the things I thought were cool
went out every Friday night
I still do and I'm alright."

Notice how every line rhymes a simple and beautiful rhythmic message.


Meeting you was just so unexpected
I guess I was scared of being rejected

Since you were so nice
I wouldn't think twice

it is my consesus that mike herrera and mxpx are the greatest rhyming geniuses since the ramones.
silentbob Meanwhile, the beatles have good rhyming skills. and the ex-beatles

"Woman. i can hardly express, my mixed emotions and my thoughtlessness."
ClairE I like fishes 'cause they're so delicious.

I just realized I probably never would have thought to rhyme those two words.

I am duly impressed.
ferret to rhyme with skill, is like going up a hill
first you must fall, before you know all
climb back up again, my pride left to defend.
and though my rhymes suck, i am not filled with muck.
whome yeah yeah yeah

I think Dar_Williams has mad rhyming skills. She rhymes so naturally, even if a lot of 'em are slant_rhymes.

And Immortal_Technique. Yeah, I appreciate his rhymes, too. And lot more people that I can't think of.
phil rhyming games played @ge 13
was still cool I remember still
got the rules all laid out
rhyme a bit
spelling words and rhyming right
the english vocabulary verbs are ill
have you heard pulling ordinary
pronunciation of my fish
zones striking out
over open holding
sewer yelling moving
digging plants poking pits
phil drinking up their water
underneath the breeze
lambs left for slaughter
hammers' beggin' please

The late night slacker...
The pringles stacker...
The snapple snapper...
The snack attacker; tacker
Late night slacker is raiding your fridge
won't pay you back for any of it
next thing you know he's sleeping in your bed
wetting his pants
you think it's hard to be the boss
but then you'll try and you'll see
phil (the snapple sapper?) 031113
what's it to you?
who go