Equin0x She was so sweet and so perfect. I was hurt and surprised when she finally tore out my soul and destroyed it without even looking. It took fifteen months to rinse her out of my thoughts. 000524
Shar 15? Is that all it took?

You must be bigger than I.
*nat* there is an increasing population pof natalie's i hate to say. a few years ago i was the one and only natalie that anybody knew, now i thousands.
I dont know whether to feel safety in numbers, or feel smothered my people sharing my name.
unhinged i was supposed to be a natalie. i've wanted her for so long knowing that it would never happen that hope isn't even part of the equation anymore. it's like her part in my life is a movie; one that breaks my heart and makes me giddyhappy all at the same time. i couldn't stand to see her cry, angry. somethings in life just have nothing at all to do with fairness. or happiness. 030110
jimc i couldn't say it better. she is the best and the worst to ever happen to me. 030505
jimc so before I get into trouble, I mean she is the best for me because of all he wonderful things she brought into my life. She is the worst for me because now I hold everyone up to her as a standard. 030509
Casey I think her boyfriend is cheating on her, but I don't really want to tell Alex. It's not really my place. 030510
jimc Thank you for agreeing to try to work everything out. You are a friend, my best friend, and my world without you in it has been pure hell. 030620
silentbob best roommate ever woooo 030621
celestias shadow i was almost a charlotte. how does that feel? the only other natalie i know HAD to have a locker next to me last year. of course. what an inconvenience. i do like my name, though. whoever said it's getting more popular is right- a few years ago i was the only one i'd ever heard not so much. too many of them/us/me.....eek. what to call it? 030629
jimc Thank you for believing in me and for coming back into my life. I can only hope that it is forever this time. I love you so much. 030713
elsa natalie is a cool cat who likes blather and who can write better than anyone i know (that is a personal view of mine). we share inside jokes and will probably show up at our 10 year reunion talking of the gay tribe of electrons and carbon dating. i lubs her. 031208
depressed man she is my world, my life 040702
... she is, not insulting her, the main reason im depressed 040719
depressed man i love her. at least im like 90% sure i do. still, she's the most importent thing in my life 040719
o_caritas natalie

was the first
and only
i've known

was a red-haired beauty
from Au Gres
it pained me a bit
that i was married
and older
than the dirt
she trod

i wonder
if ever
she thinks of me
and muses
"he always
gave me
the creeps"
milo i can't stop thinking about you 050103
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl how odd.
we did a ouija board yesterday.
natalie was there.
she said she wouldn't go back to hell until she'd killed us.
shit's fucked again.
where are my pills?
unhinged i still want her to be the one after all these years 050104
in love with natalie if you are the everlasting moon
that looks onto the everlasting
space beneath
can i
humbly be
the darkness that surrounds you?
Star_Scribe Please realize Natalie that all my personalities are trying to speak to you at once, pay attention to the names, not so much the numbers. 080625
what's it to you?
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