Rhin I did, 5 hours ago.
...out of town, working on a long drive home. Just me, my Jeep, and I, whipping through the snowy night, down one of the most dangerous (curvy & very hilly), narrow highways in our county. I was pre-occupied with handling a bottle of carrot-orange juice in one hand, and scanning through to my favorite song, on a Skynard c.d., with the other. Then, I changed my mind, and beginning flipping through my c.d. binder, searching for Hell Freezes Over, as I thought this more appropriate, what with the weather and all. All the while, my Jeep is creeping closer to the snowy edge of the road...Suddenly, I was barrelling down an embankment, toward a creek I think? It was so dark, and the road was void of any travelers this late at night. I finally got my big baby under control, and stopped her in time. I sat there for a few minutes, catching my breath, and just staring at the creek, or whatever the blackness was ahead of me, in my path. When I finally felt my pulse rate begin to lower, my first thought, was that I could freeze. My second thought, was &%$#, I'm not even packing my 38! What if some psychotic farmer, liquored up on enough Kentucky Moonshine to be dangerously vile, stops by to help me? #1, I was alive. #2, *%^$ that! I threw the Jeep into 4-wheel drive, and dared it not to respond. After a few threats of arsen, to the vehicle, it stopped jerking around, and took off up the hill. I hit the highway, like a bat out of hell, screaming "Kiss My Ass", and finished the journey home, on the wings of the Eagles!
Rhin Skynyrd that is...sorry. 001203
Barrett if he was still awake but he is so what of "Where eagles dare"
I ain't no God damn son of a bitch.
? oops, 001203
Snakeyes The Drive

I hate it, the drive. Aiming a car between lines
Up and down the back of a rearing serpent.
Trucks crush in; they target my bumper.
White knuckled drivers race tunnel-eyed forward.

They turn without looking, and curse when I beep.
Cold grips my back as I wheel with the snake.
This curve, then that -- I shiver with fright.
Will the steer slip away from my hands tonight?

I fight with the sun, I rage at the snow
Always I'm warring the gods of the road
Fear is my blinder, music my shelter
Each synapse can't take any more of this terror.

I stay in the middle; it's safer right here.
I can veer left or right, should my killer come near.
But the wheels leave me quaking, when they cross the white line
"They'll kill me, THEY'LL KILL ME, no...straying...I'm fine."

And then, the trip's over, I spot the green square.
I concentrate harder, must move over there.
My eyes whirl around. Is it safe? Will I die?
And slowly change veins in that mad cobra-Khai.
rhonda shay i have a dream about death someone kiss me and say good-by but i miss that person will come back to see me i gream about the death all the time 001204
sabbie and i sank
into despair
and i didnt get out of bed for days
and i heard
out my window
university life going on around me
and noone had noticed
that for days
i hadnt come out of my room
and i sank further down
and i thought about it
and i seriously contemplated it
and i looked up
from where my gaze had fallen
(the rugs and my belly)
and glanced at the table near the door
and saw death sitting on top of an essay
perched uncomfortably
and rather wobbly
on an open text book
and she gave me a smile
and i crawled out of bed
and over to her table
i rose up on my knees in front of her
and kissed her
first on her forhead
(which tasted a little dusty)
then on the tip of her nose
(which tasted like the memoiries of roses)
and then on her lips
(which tasted like eternity and a little like a star)
and i went outside to play.
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