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jester Disclaimers

I have not yet been able to work my way through the entire volume to generalize gender. The descriptions may say either he or she. I hope to have this changed for the next version. Also, if there is any references to yards, feet, and meters, I hope to have this changed to the standard English version (yards and feet - even though the metric version is superior by far).

On last thing, even though I'm the editor, I'm not perfect. I may have missed formatting, spelling, or grammatical mistakes, so please e-mail me if you find any. This will help to ensure that all future editions of this document to be better.

As every magazine/book/digest needs an author(s), this one does as well. Submissions are always welcome, and have very little change of not being publicized (this would only happen if not enough information was given). The more submissions made, the better The Gallery Of Magical Blades will be. To submit, just send me an e-mail with your magical blade, our name, and your e-mail address. I may write you back to clarify some things, but unless noted otherwise, the blade will be entered into the next edition of The Gallery Of Magical Blades. If, at any time, you wish to have your weapon removed from The Gallery Of Magical Blades, just tell me, and it will not appear in the next version. I hope to have an online submission section on my home page (URL = done for the next version.

As The Gallery Of Magical Blades was originally developed for use with the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game systems, some of the blades may be in a format which only conforms to 1st Edition rules, and may be hard to change to fit other Role Playing games. I don't know any differences between first edition and 2nd when it comes to magical weapons, so I can not format them all for 2nd edition (Sorry, I never played 1st edition - just basic and 2nd Edition).

All of the weapons are arranged by catagory. There is a catagory for each type of blade (if present), and two special catagories - on for the Twelve Swords, and one for the Hellblades. These were put in their own catagories to simplify useing some of their special abilities, as they may refer to multiple swords with similarities.

Many of the weapons in here talk about ego, and alignment for intelligent weapons. You should consult TSR Inc.'s Dungeon Master Guide for more information on how to use these in your campaign.

If a sword has a [1] or a [2] beside it's name, there is a sword with the same name either in this publication, or a TSR publication. They may or may not be of the same strength.
Famous Last Words

When you pick a magical weapon for your campaign, either as treasure or challenge for the player's, please use your common sense. If you feel that you must roll to determine the weapon randomly, do so before the battle begins. I've played in adventure where we (as characters) defeated a bunch of goblins, opened up the treasure chest behind them, and watched the DM roll randomly on the charts. I now had a Vorpal Sword.

Also, when picking weapons from this document for your campaign, read them over fully, and consider them. Think of what not only the monsters could do with them, but what the players could do with them as well. Some of the weapons in here are by far unrealistic even for a fantasy game, and should be classed as one of a kind artifacts, perhaps even weapons of the gods themselves.

Oh ya, don't forget to have fun too!
Casey Silent Bob smells like poo gas 040218
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