unhinged 'man didn't find oil; oil found man'

knew so much about ancient history. 'now this movie 300...they neglect to tell you that there were 500 thebans, well mostly thebans, and about 300 corinthians also at that pass.'

'jimmy carter wrote this book and blamed all the problems in history on the jews. in a way, he was write.'

joseph_and_i sat and listened to this guy in stoned wonder. he was a little off in a delightful way. straggly white hair and beard, missing two to four of the bottom middle teeth so that his tongue poked through the hole to find the words he was looking for, clothes slightly rumpled and dirty, continually hand_rolling cigarettes while sipping on the coffee in the mug he brought in for cheap refills, the schizophrenic gleam in his eyes from time to time. brilliance cut up like glass by the sickness in his brain.

i learned history i never knew i didn't know.

'they teach that battle at the point...west point that is. a lesson in valour; it was just plain stupidity to defend that pass after they found out there was another way around.'

as we walked out the door because they wanted to mop the floor, steve our coffeeshop sage, came up to me with a smallish triangular shaped piece of cardboard packaging with a hole in it. 'excuse me, would you like to contribute a dollar to the new world order? any money would do....' i could tell by the gleam he didn't really want my money.

'no, i like my world order just the way it is.'

the gleam disappeared and a big smile broke out through the hole in his bottom teeth. 'good...good for you.' the sage nodded his approval in my direction.
demure oh ! he he...

if he didn't want your money then what did he want then?
Did he want Republic Credits or Coupons?
or maybe he was waiting for you to tell him that you love him?
unhinged he just wanted my banter. he likes conversation in the form of intellectual gymnastics. steve is a cool old dude in my estimation. we talked to him for well over an hour that day joseph_and_i .

he hangs out there pretty much every evening looking for young kids to spar with. the coffeeshop is located in one of the only diverse neighborhoods in milwaukee. the racial diversity there is sadly enough the biggest deal though. this city is fucked when it comes to cohabitation. the scenester_bitches made it trendy to live there, but you still encounter cool people there from time to time. and my favorite local beer is named after it. that's a decided bonus.
fix have you ever lived in a hut with no poesessions?

you know it is great...

if you strip the walls...

you see the person that you are...

you start to love yourself.

ask Gandi
ff sorry .. typing error *possessions*

( no better love than love with no object )

ask Shakespere !
oh he's so lovely.. you just don't know !
ff i was't saying that luxury is evil

.... just share it.... appreciate it.

whats wrong with sleeping on a ledge under the stars in front of the ocean.. i did it for two years..

it's amazing!

promise you!
unhinged i remember when all i had was a suitcase full of clothes. it made it much easier to get up and go. it made me realize there was no reason to stay where i was unhappy.

i've amassed more possessions over the past year and a half. but, i could still give most of them away and end up with just a suitcase again if i wanted.
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