jennifer I'm just a little surprised that this word isn't blathed all over yet.

in that context

I want to feed _her_ cherries
swirled in sugar
on a blanket in warm grass
with the sun casting deep shadows
yummychuckle i got this costco pack of cherries. It was huge! and it was gone in four days. 010601
unhinged stay with me i'll set you free
cause i could tell you once were pretty
roses (said) you lost your petals
lost the luster of your tattle tales
i need a love to help me find my way
i need a strength that i cannot betray
i need a word to say what i can't say
i need a lover
what are we waiting for?
what are we waiting for?
time has lost it's hold on me
hatred inside my bones
in the stillness of cool air
all the boys have been left for dead
cause we go where they fear to tread
the beautiful ones
the ones will remember
the precious ones are greatest pretenders
i need a love to help me find my way
i need a strength that i can't betray
i need a word to say what i can't say
i need a lover
and if you lose yourself
could you take me too
could you rest inside the sl(eep)
stay with me i'll set you free from you

billy corgan, smashing_pumpkins
oren The most sensual food there is. 011210
sarah sweet inhibited bowl
bathed in innocent sunlight

dirty man
spies the sugared plumped stemmed

sweet empty bowl
sits on a dark table
Casey pop 020519
birdmad there was that one, a long time ago

we were drunk, buzzing on a daylong binge of good red wine and really potent weed,

we walked (more like stumbled) down the street from the place she was staying to the grocery store nearby

it was a warm day, bright sun but offset by a cool, stiff breeze

in the produce section we bought some cherries, a big red, ripe mango and another bottle of wine

we got back and i decided to do something crazty with a handful of the cherries... pitting them i let them sit in a wineglass soaking up the flavor of the slightly dry wine to ffset their own sweetness

she reached over to the glass and squeezed a couple of them over her mouth catching the deep red liquid letting a few drops run from the corner of her mouth, clearly visible against the nearly porcelain white of her skin

"hey babe, check me out," she said, laughing, a little woozy from how insanely wasted we were "i'm a VAMPIRE, hehe..."

she leaned over toward me, baring her teeth and trying not to fall into hysterical laughter as she got so close we were nose to nose.

i cocked my head a little to the side and kissed her

i could taste the hints of the wine and the cherries on her tongue

(it's days like today when the memory of plasure becomes a new form of torment in itself, not unlike an opiate craving)
viciousmissfit pitt, as in Michael. The most of the most... 020903
myplasticmind punk 020904
girl_jane bomb 020905
yakboy My favourite flavour, especially when it's artificial.... 030518
My Figure Female i will feed you a cerise and spend the night watching the stars... sometimes you just blathe 030730
sigma I hate cherries.

It's because when I was little, I was sick a lot, and so I had so much cherry flavored tylenol I'm disgusted by them, even the candied kind for ice cream.

Makes me sort of sad...
Nicole I love to eat cherries with whipped cream. They are really fun with sex too. Also, cherry coke is good. 030830
reformed by love trg pain refexion 030912
fghio fghio 101114
fghio fghio 101114
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