Yoda What do I care if you care about anything? It makes no difference to me, and yet I still have the feeling that I need to help in some way, any way, to make you want to care to make you become like me. If no one cared then I would not need to help, but until then or if there ever is a then. Hello, I am Yoda. 000504
lola I need somebody to hug me.
typhoid maybe if you just asked, somebody would ;) 000511
lola at the time, i did need a hug and so i thought of blathing under "aside"- 'i need a hug' but then it became a greater joke opportunity (did anybody get it?) thus masking that original thought.

the wallet and keys are now found. would you hug me still? i like it when you do. i hug back, you know.
rollins As miserable as life may be I hold it pretty precious 010106
Chrity go to:
devalis makes everyone miserable, but wouldn't you rather be miserable than bereft of all feeling? 020823
niska is that what you're doing when you hide just enough so i can see you're hurting? 030314
megan he gives me words
(as unreliable and unstable they are)
words that promise and make me stronger
words i can't ignore
(i'd never want to)
and his arms go around me
and it feels so natural to put my head on his shoulder
and he wraps me up so so tightly so i can't tell where his heartbeat ended and mine began
and for those moments
(even if only for those moments)
i would give my life
and all that is within me
QuietChaos Who ever thought,
Who ever knew,
So much pain,
Would come from you?
? why ? 070613
fuffle wheres my Mumma gone ? 070613
ioata you are a bunch a prymexes 070630
what's it to you?
who go